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Lowestoft Invaders Hare and Hounds Enduro Tunstall
Written by Tony Woolmore   

FieldI really wanted to give this one my best, those of you who have been following my blog will know this race was my first race, two years ago. I didn't have the best of luck that time so preparation was everything this time. My bike has had a good month of prep so I thought it was the best it could be and then it was my turn. I stayed off the beer for a week, didn't have any coffee for 18 hours and worked on my nutrition ie a 5 banana smoothie for breakfast with melon and coconut milk (coffee would have been my first choice)

Race day

It really makes a refreshing change to have a race on a Saturday that starts at 1pm. We arrived early and ate and drank more smoothies and ISO drinks. Chatted to people, Lowestoft invaders run this race to encourage new riders into the sport so there were loads of newbies wanting help and advice. It was nice to be able to pass on help and advice. We had a walk around part of the course, mainly the two bomb holes to see what awaited me. The furthest one had a tight off camber 90 degree turn around a small tree. I thought people may find this tricky if they didn't take it wide enough. Then a hard and easy route out. The easy route I thought could be harder than the hard route as it had two roots right across the top of it. The hard route was steep and had a couple of nasty little bumps at the bottom and a pronounced rut at the top. It was definitely the hard route for me, I don't like roots!

TBEC Ashdown farm Blewbury
Written by Tony Woolmore   

TBEC Ashdow FarmI was up nice and early on Saturday morning it was nice and warm in the sun but quite chilly in the shade. I saw Rich Troth and Kaka (Team Snapper) arrive so went and introduced myself, It's good to be able to chat to people you have only ever chatted to on the internet. It's also nice when they give you free things as well two Team Snapper t shirts and a beanie, Cheers guys!

As the morning went on it was getting a little cloudy and the pit talk was all about the rain we were expecting and as the weather report spread around the pits the Donk Track shop done a roaring trade in new tyres. As race time was approaching it was time for the riders briefing, It was going to be 2+2 hours and would be reversed at the interval (weather permitting) it was also going to be run in the opposite direction to last year. I was drawn on row 2 for the start. At 10.32 I was off. As usual my first lap was a steady (slow) sighting lap and I had forgotten just how tight and technical Blewbury was. It was mostly single track through woods and didn't have too many passing places, I'm very conscious of trying not to slow up faster riders and will move over and signal with a leg for letting them pass when ever I can. When you came out of the woods it was down a goat track and then through the farm yard which was as usual a blue tape area. Then a little off camber root section leading to a steep climb up a grassy hill. Some more single track through woods leading on to the first section of motocross track.

SEEC RAF 14-08-2011
Written by Manny Bernardez   

Hogmoor ArenaSi and I got there early and went to walk the special test, which was some distance from the start; Lawrence Catt was already there and joined us, more talking than taking notice of the track ensued. We had ride the test timed on lap 1 & 2 and then it became part of the going for the rest of the sessions.

For Veteran B there was eight checks altogether of one lap each which dispelled one of my concerns, a multi lap sessions with no punch card to keep record of, nice and simple in theory. Some alterations were being made to lengthen the test by putting some extra corners just before the test finish all in deep sand. The test was looking good with a nice mix of terrain, a 'hard' route over a log some tight going in the woods, which lead to more open flowing tracks and a few tight turns into sandy gullies.

The riders on my minute for the day where going to be Shane Babey, Michael Strudwick and a rider I forgotten his name. Shane & Michael both have good pace on the going and the game plan was try to stick with them and put in some solid special test and hopefully get into the top 5, in particular beat Michael and close down the championship points gap between us.

Tea Till Nearly Dark Rd4
Written by Manny Bernardez   

Tea Till Nearly DarkYes I am still alive and riding, main problem been so much riding that I could have spent a week writing all of it down. Taken the last 6 weeks off riding to let the pain in my right wrist calm down a bit, was going to take longer off but itchy feet and brain numbing boredom at weekends forced me back early.

Right to the event, all last minute decision made the day before, Si and I were just going to show up and get a late entry. Had a small job to do in the morning and the plan was to get home wash the Yamaha and swap out the recently purchased second-hand rear Ohlins shock for the standard YZF unit, or swap the springs over depending what I felt like at the time. The Ohlin’s having a spring fitted four steps stiffer for my weight giving it the ride comfort of a vintage tractor (some say it is one). All that went out the window, as it was so hot by mid-day I did nothing apart from given it a clean.

Normandy SEEC H&H Rd1
Written by Manny Bernardez   
Play ButtonThis little story starts pre-race on the way to pick up Si, who due to a neck injury was going to help at the event. Rounding a blind corner I am confronted with a woman in her late 20’s maybe early 30’s (bloody hard to tell) sitting in the middle of the road, bare footed and looking slightly distressed. She gets up (obviously I have stopped) goes straight to the passenger door and gets in, sliding all the way up the bench seat right next to me, starts going on about how she just climbed over a fence (points to fence and shows me scratches on arms) and other incoherent nonsense (yep drunk as a skunk). One second giggling next all distressed and tearful, one thing that was consistent she started or finished every sentence by calling me “babe” and was stroking my leg and a little higher all the time.
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