Manny 2007
Witley MCC SEEC Round 1
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Sunday, 23 December 2007
My first ride on a full blown Enduro machine since my accident seven years previously, well not strictly a event for me as I was mashalling at my club event. In the back of the van was a 2001 YZ 125 which did not belong to me but was kindly loaned by Ian George as a try before you buy deal. Got there real late as half way to the event I noticed my boots were not in the van so had to drive all the way up the M3 back to my home in Epsom. I got to the event late and procedings have already started, had to park
Leatherhead SEEC Round 9
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Saturday, 03 November 2007
Check2CheckWas looking forward to racing back at Slab after not ridden there for such a long time, does not mean I had my rose tinted glasses on because from pass experience Slab can turn brutal from one lap to the next. I started of well by promptly dumping the bike in the first deep rutted corner and did the same on the next after that it did not take me long to get the technique down.Cruising in from my first lap I could already see this was going to get a lot tougher as more bikes chewed up the ground.
Normandy MCC SEEC Round 8
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Saturday, 06 October 2007
Was looking forward to riding back at Yateley Heath because unlike the Kingston round the YZ was now fitted with hand guards to deal with the very tight tree sections. Bike started first kick as usual and had to wait for Elliot’s KTM to fire up so I could follow him and do some filming on my helmet camera, he set of on a fast pace but only a third of the way round his throttle cable snapped, pity as the footage I took looks great. I did my special test on the second lap and it went well just a couple of mistakesand a few corners I could have taken a lot faster, the time was fastest clubman B a few tenths slower than the quickest A and quicker than some experts.
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Sidcup MCC SEEC Round 7
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Saturday, 08 September 2007
Special TestFirst time back to Canada Heights for a fair few years and was expecting the usual tight going with the motocross course split into two lanes but I was pleasantly surprised to see the Clerk of the Course given us a fair shot at the jumps. My step-father Jack turned up to film the event on his camcorder with a small army of helpers and enough equipment for a pro shoot. After signing on I went looking for the special test and bumped into Si, Elliot, Bernie and John who assured me it was not worth the walk up to the orchard as all it did was zigzag around some tree so I gave it a miss.

Streatham MCC SEEC Round 5
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Saturday, 23 June 2007
One of my favourite venues in the South East this place has it all challenging hills, fast single track, a demanding technical place to ride well wet, as it never stopped raining for the whole of the week previous this one was going to be a tough one. After signing in the times were eventually published with only three laps to do and slack check times looked like it was going to be won or lost on the special test. The test was going to be ridden once on the second lap and was part of the course so no need to walk it. Lucky for me I was given the first minute of the start of the clubman Bs even though I always entered events late and got stuck usually at the back, there was no fear in getting caught in other people’s mistakes as all the riders’ in front knew want they were doing in theory. I was on the same minute as Roger Johnson who I haven’t ridden with for a long time and was looking forward in having a good blast with him.
Croydon SEEC Round 4
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Saturday, 19 May 2007
West Harting Dawn is another of my favourite venues and with the Croydon club you can guaranty a well run event with a excellent course, they use timing equipment on the special test which to me all clubs should be running, stopwatches do not cut it in the 21st Century. After signing on Si, Elliot, Malcolm and myself made the long walk to the special test which looked great and suited me and the YZ 125, there was a couple of alternate lines noted and put to memory. At the riders meeting it was mentioned that you did not have to dismount to cross the byways which in previous years meant running with the bike on two or three occasions per lap.
RAF Ardua
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Saturday, 05 May 2007
Never done an Ardua Enduro before so not sure what to expect one thing I did know that Bagshot Test Track if there’s such a thing as a bogie track this one was it, never been hurt riding there but have had mechanicals in the past or totally screwed up the times. Signed on and was pleased to find that it was a time card event as avoiding hare & hounds events because of my bike fitness was a main priority at that time. Looking at the lap board seam to be a hell of laps to do and the times decreased making the last the tight check, great that’s just what I needed! With two special tests to do I was going to find this hard going.
Kingston MCC SEEC Round 2
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Sunday, 11 March 2007
My first proper race of 2007 in one of my favourite venues with a bike I only ridden for a couple of hours, this was going to be interesting as the last event I rode was Carshalton’s Tilgate round a few years back on my MTX 125 making it a grand total of one event in seven years. At least my battered body was felling a lot better and the thought of taking a dab with my right leg did not fill me with fear or pain. Bike started and away I went just feeling my way round for the first couple of laps by then it was becoming obvious that a set of handguards and a new clutch were going to be first items on my shopping list, every lap
Witley MCC Boxing Day Enduro
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Saturday, 03 February 2007

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Helmet CamBogWoke up with just a couple of hours sleep and headed of for Weavers Down in zombie driving mode getting there not exactly remembering any of the journey. Parked by Si Beken and Shaun Smith who already had my YZ out of the van and looking very clean, the arrangement was that Aaron (Shaun son) would use my YZ and I would borrow Shaun’s XR 250 to do my marshalling duties on but Scottie Coombes was already trying to get a slice of the XR pie, as it turns out neither of us would get to ride the XR.

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