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Manny 2008
Sidcup MCC Enduro 2008
Written by Manny Bernardez   
Thursday, 18 September 2008

A different bike for me and another Sidcup Enduro in bright sunny weather, untypical so far for this month, somebody been selling their soul to the devil. I first rode the WRF 250 03 in the quagmire that was Portsmouth H & H the weekend before, did seven laps before the thought of picking the mud laden piece of lead of the ground one more time become too much, so I was looking forward to trying it out in a less demanding situation. Already had a couple of concerns bike wise, another iffy clutch, this time the cable pull was very heavy mainly down to worn inner hub and heavy duty springs, most of Saturdays bike prep was taken trying to fit the hydraulic clutch that was on the YZ 125 as a trip to moto-ward come up empty handed, IMS foot pegs and Ohlins rear shock also made the switch to the new bike.

Check Point Part 2 Part3
Taken on the second lap..Warning occasional F word
Surrey Police MCC Enduro 1-6-2008
Written by Manny Bernardez   
Tuesday, 15 July 2008
Giving the bike a quick once over the previous day and I found out why it was handling so badly at the Croydon round, I only forgotten to do up the front wheel spindle fork clamps bolts, oh well maybe doing the prep in the kitchen at midnight is not a good idea after all.

Weren’t really looking forward to riding at Bagshot being my boogie track and all. Surrey Police MCC has a reputation of having very tight times with cosistant rain for the previous few days was going to make a pretty tough event. The special test was a good mile walk away but was glad I took a look because it was bloody tight in places; more suitable to a trials bike, anyway I noted a few good lines was about to walk back when Si and Ell’s turned up so I thought I better share my lines and walked round again, blimey I was knackered even before the event started.

Croydon MCC Enduro West Harting
Written by Manny Bernardez   
Friday, 30 May 2008
Play CroydonThe YZ was kind of ready for the event having spent the previous night working on it in my kitchen until 1am. As I failed to source the necessary parts to fix the clutch properly I bodged it and just stuck in the original plates that came with the bike, my only reason of replacing them was that they dragged horribly, as a added precaution I removed the hydraulic system and went back to a good old cable system..boy did it feel heavy. Simon gave me an alarm call at 5.40 am and with my customary lack of sleep we headed of on the long trip to West Harting.
Kingston Enduro Blackwood
Written by Manny Bernardez   
Wednesday, 23 April 2008

My mobile went off right next to my ear I stumbled for it trying to unglue the sleep from my eyes

“Hello” I mumbled

“It’s me Si, aren’t you ready yet?” Quick glance at the buzzing alarm clock told me it was 6.20 am.

“Ok give me a minute; I’ve only gone to sleep two hours ago!”

Yep the usual story from me, I actually remember hitting the snooze button at 5.30, a frantic 15 minutes followed to get all the my gear together and load the YZ onto the bike rack and we were off, had a nagging doubt that I had left something behind.

Normandy's Warsop Trophy H & H
Written by Manny Bernardez   
Tuesday, 01 April 2008
Si and Elliot Beken picked up my bike early in the morning and we travelled together to the event nice and early to avoid the unnecessary task of having to push the bikes miles for scruteneering, we set up the gazebo in the pits for the Witley members to use and the weather was looking good for the day with bright sunshine and little chance of rain. After signing on we talked to Nik Everitt (C of C) to pry any information we could get out of him concerning the course, we then went and walked the first half mile or so to make sure there weren’t any nasty surprises, Scotty Coombs who was marshalling and already done a lap also had some useful information.
Inter Centre Enduro Race Day
Written by Manny Bernardez   
Wednesday, 30 January 2008
Play Helmet CamInter  Center Special Test Another nice bright and early day another Enduro, boy do I hate getting up early in the morning! Filled up a jerry can on the way down and put it behind the back seats of the car, all I could smell on the journey down was unleaded which is not surprising considering the can had a hole in it, only discovered that last bit after it been sitting in the car all day, nice! no smoking for me on the journey home!

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