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Manny Racing 2011
SEEC RAF 14-08-2011
Written by Manny Bernardez   
Monday, 22 August 2011

Hogmoor ArenaSi and I got there early and went to walk the special test, which was some distance from the start; Lawrence Catt was already there and joined us, more talking than taking notice of the track ensued. We had ride the test timed on lap 1 & 2 and then it became part of the going for the rest of the sessions.

For Veteran B there was eight checks altogether of one lap each which dispelled one of my concerns, a multi lap sessions with no punch card to keep record of, nice and simple in theory. Some alterations were being made to lengthen the test by putting some extra corners just before the test finish all in deep sand. The test was looking good with a nice mix of terrain, a 'hard' route over a log some tight going in the woods, which lead to more open flowing tracks and a few tight turns into sandy gullies.

The riders on my minute for the day where going to be Shane Babey, Michael Strudwick and a rider I forgotten his name. Shane & Michael both have good pace on the going and the game plan was try to stick with them and put in some solid special test and hopefully get into the top 5, in particular beat Michael and close down the championship points gap between us.

Tea Till Nearly Dark Rd4
Written by Manny Bernardez   
Sunday, 07 August 2011

Tea Till Nearly DarkYes I am still alive and riding, main problem been so much riding that I could have spent a week writing all of it down. Taken the last 6 weeks off riding to let the pain in my right wrist calm down a bit, was going to take longer off but itchy feet and brain numbing boredom at weekends forced me back early.

Right to the event, all last minute decision made the day before, Si and I were just going to show up and get a late entry. Had a small job to do in the morning and the plan was to get home wash the Yamaha and swap out the recently purchased second-hand rear Ohlins shock for the standard YZF unit, or swap the springs over depending what I felt like at the time. The Ohlin’s having a spring fitted four steps stiffer for my weight giving it the ride comfort of a vintage tractor (some say it is one). All that went out the window, as it was so hot by mid-day I did nothing apart from given it a clean.

Normandy SEEC H&H Rd1
Written by Manny Bernardez   
Saturday, 23 April 2011
Play ButtonThis little story starts pre-race on the way to pick up Si, who due to a neck injury was going to help at the event. Rounding a blind corner I am confronted with a woman in her late 20’s maybe early 30’s (bloody hard to tell) sitting in the middle of the road, bare footed and looking slightly distressed. She gets up (obviously I have stopped) goes straight to the passenger door and gets in, sliding all the way up the bench seat right next to me, starts going on about how she just climbed over a fence (points to fence and shows me scratches on arms) and other incoherent nonsense (yep drunk as a skunk). One second giggling next all distressed and tearful, one thing that was consistent she started or finished every sentence by calling me “babe” and was stroking my leg and a little higher all the time.
PMCRC Round 1
Written by Manny Bernardez   
Thursday, 14 April 2011

On the trackThe mini heat wave was not enough to dry out Woodberry Lane for PMCRC first meeting of the year. Talking to both Shane Babey and Paul Easterbrook, they said the same things about the track, tight, technical and plenty of logs strewn around the place. Simon and I walked the first part of the course near the pits; the ground was tacky mud in places with about five log crossing in 200 meters, having ridden at Woodbury for many years this was a break from the normal flowing track layout, time to find out what it was like to ride.

My usual bad start left me near the back of the smaller than usual Clubman A group, picked one of round the first corners and a few more who attempted the uphill log and got stuck, the only obstacle that I utilised the “chicken route “every lap to save energy. The rest of the track was tight, lock to lock in places and like already mentioned logs of various sizes, copious amount of clutch and throttle work just to get round which made it very tiring, repeated stalling of the engine did not help matters. Route marking on the first lap was a bit iffy in places, which we were warned about at the riders meeting, but I am certain I rode 100% of the marked course and probably a bit more.

SEEC Kingston Rd3 2011
Written by Manny Bernardez   
Saturday, 26 March 2011
Special TestAlways look forward to ride at Blackwood, all the different bits of the puzzle to make a good event had been clicking in all week, the weather was looking good for the day, there had been bit of rain just before the event so the going should be perfect. I did a little fettling to the WRF’s carburation moving the needle a clip down and she was sounding sweet, Si had a noise meter on his mobile phone and recording 94db on tickover and 86db at about 6’000 rpm with my home made quiet insert, might even grind a bit more of it. The icing on the cake was Malcom Beken was going to look after us in the pits, both Simon and I clocked in early at the Surrey Pol costing us places, with Malcom there we could just concentrate on riding…perfect.
SEEC Surrey Pol 2011
Written by Manny Bernardez   
Monday, 14 March 2011

through muddy puddleEvery year the same thing seems to happen, a long layoff and my first "real" event being the Surrey Pol, always notoriously hard on the rider, having only clocked up a few hours on the seat since the Natterjack back in September. I was hoping to last a little longer than I did at the Muntjac (less than 30 minutes) and was confident the WRF electrical problems where now sorted…frankly could not wait to see what the big bore 290 was actually like to ride for more than 60 second stints.

Session 1, 2 laps in 60 minutes.
The bike started first crank and I got cleanly away letting Bernie Marcari take the lead. First little problem was the idle was hanging badly (common WRF problem) which pushed me into the corners, so I stopped to let the idle right down which lead to problem number 2, with the extra cc and high compression piston made it real easy to stall, not something I'm used to doing. Problem number 3, the rear brake was not working very affectedly as the pads and disc where new that might explain it, sure felt like the piston was getting pushed back in the calliper, as it would go all spongy on me if not in constant us. I was not going to let those little niggles spoil my day, time to put up and ride.

Full Throttle Junkies