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Pepperami 2010
TBEC Hockliffe 2010
Written by Tony Woolmore   
Monday, 18 October 2010
10th October

HockliffeIt was a cold morning but it was going to be good for racing. My new bike on the line I was ready to go. At 10.32 am it started first time and away I went. The first section was open field with some corners thrown in for good measure. The wet grass was like riding on ice. On to a twisty mound and around a bush and oh! Logs! Straighten it up and no problem and then some more logs. It was then into the wood, this was really tight single track with lots of roots and bogs. The worst part was the bottle neck a tree to the left and big root to the right. Exiting the woods was through a sloppy ditch and then 3 or 4 jumps but these were to muddy for me to jump. Another open field followed this with a couple of bogs, jumps and ditches. Then on to the main event. Round a big bush to slow things down and a up hill bog, it was a little sloppy! At the top was a twisty up and down over a rubble mound section. Then the big one the down hill bog. This was really marshy with two ditches which were errrrr wet! The rest of the course was fairly open with lots of mud. It was a fairly a challenging course of about 4.5km.
TBEC Butts Quarry
Written by Tony Woolmore   
Saturday, 18 September 2010

Butts Quarry15th of August 2010. What an awesome course! With the bike all repaired and oil tight we were up for this. I say we as because of it being a short course it was run as 6 hour two man team event. I had already teamed up with Hoody, who is quicker than I am, on his WR450F.

We decided that because Hoody was quicker he would start. We were on row zero so we would start from the front. At 10.30 Hooday was off but after 20 mins I was starting to get worried. The fast boys were lapping in 8 mins – the word came that his bike was cutting out every time he opened it up so I got ready for when he got back to the pits.

He turned up and it was my turn. The first wood section was difficult – steep climbs and drops and lots of rocks. At the top there were easy and hard routes. On this occasion I took the easy route. I couldn't make it to the top and had to pulled up by the marshalls. Along the top were rocks and boulders and then back down to the quarry. This was all single track with some really rocky sections. Then onto the MX track for a couple of hundred metres, then into a small but easier wood section, then return to the MX track for a couple of jumps. At the bottom of the MX track was a blue tape area. We then entered a small wood section with an up hill U turn which thankfully rutted later in the day. The torque on my bike is amazing and even with some wheel spin always managed to climb. At the top the this section it was back onto the MX track with a lot of little nadgy bits thrown in. I think to start with I was managing 12 min laps. I finished two laps and passed the batton back to Hoody who had sorted his bike.

TBEC Washbrook Farm 2010
Written by Tony Woolmore   
Friday, 17 September 2010
18th July 2010

Washbrook FarmIt was warm but very windy. The track was mainly open fields, MX track and a couple of small wooded parts. I had my helmet cam on, hired from Imagemx for £20, which is amazing value for 4 hours coverage.

At the start I took my first lap nice and easy as always but I was having problems mentally, I just couldn't get my head into it and kept telling myself to come on. The first section led to the MX track which was cracking – nice and wide with some good built up corners. This came to the first field section, I was just getting it all wrong, braking too early, straightening it up before opening it up. My head just wasn't in it!

We then came onto the MX track for a second time which included their big jump. Then back out onto the open fields – I found these uninspiring and continued to have trouble on them. The last two sections were a small wood section and then onto the kids MX track.

TBEC Owthorpe Notts 2010
Written by Tony Woolmore   
Wednesday, 30 June 2010

TBEC Owthorpe Notts 20th June

In my first ever season of racing and being a sprightly 45 years old, I will say to all those thinking about racing, go for it. I have found everyone to be helpful and very friendly this year with help and advice freely available. I would suggest going and helping set the course up the day before the race as this gives you an insight as to what you face and the riding advice from the 'old timers' is invaluable.

We arrived early on Sunday morning, It was overcast and feeling quite cold which would have been ideal for racing. I unloaded my bike and went to check which row I was starting on, row 0 was my starting row. Personally I like to get through scutineering and get my bike on the start line early so I don't have to worry about anything. With this done it's back to the van to eat and drink plenty and get kitted up. The horn sounds and it's time for the pre race briefing. The course is 5.5 miles with 3.5 miles of woodland and 2 miles of fast open fields.

At the start my bike started easily and I was off. Obviously not being able to help set up this time I didn't get a look at the course so was riding blind, so a steady first lap was in order. As I entered the woods it looked fairly open but this soon changed. The woods had a bit of everything and this was becoming apparent. It soon tightened up to single track interspersed with some deep mud. It also had some tricky ditches thrown in for good measure. Then out into the open fields, now these were fast. My bike was revving out in top and I had dropped 4 teeth off of the rear sprocket for this race!

TBEC Riverhill Kent 2010
Written by Tony Woolmore   
Saturday, 15 May 2010

Well what can I say about this one?

We arrived early on Saturday morning as we didn't want to hit the M25 Friday night traffic. I helped set up the course as usual and it looked fairly interesting in the woods. Perhaps a little too much open field for my 13/52 sprocket combination.

Race day arrived and the bike went straight through scrutineering and on to the line. I had a hearty breakfast of Alpen and honey and Michelle went to help sign in the all of the day riders. I was on row 2 this time which makes a nice change to row 9+. After a little delay waiting for the ambulances to arrive we were off. The first part was around a field with a left into what can only be called two whoops, so I thought lift the front wheel over and jobs a goodun. Now I mentioned earlier about my 13/52 sprocket combo, well the front wheel lifted and flipped me straight off the back! I quickly picked myself up and carried on. The first section was all open fields with a few jumps and drop off's in the last field before entering the woods. The woods were fairly tight in places with lots of short sharp climbs and drop downs, this was where my gearing choice came into it's own. It was like riding a four banger trials bike, it was great! Then out of the woods into open fields again down hill to the start/finish.

TBEC Ashdown farm Blewbury 2010
Written by Tony Woolmore   
Thursday, 08 April 2010

JumpWe arrived at Ashdown farm on Friday morning to help set up. It was very wet with huge puddles everywhere and everything they said about the entrance track was true and then some. After a couple of laps on the back of a quad to set up I was really stoked. WOW ! what a venue. Three really tight wooded sections, some open fields and of course the motocross track. I was really looking forward to this one.

Race day arrived, Saturday for this one due to it being Easter. Through scrutineering and kit Carnage on the hillsup, I was ready. I was on row 10 for the start which was ok. The first bit was a long blue tape section onto a short blast and then into a tight wooded section. This was really dense and the course didn't really need marking out as there was only one way through. By the time i got to the end of this section the marshals had altered it to cut out an uphill u turn.

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TBEC Stourport on Severn 2010
Written by Tony Woolmore   
Friday, 19 March 2010

We set off on Friday lunch time as we had 200 miles to cover. We arrived at the course with plenty of daylight and had a little walk around some of the course. We walked up a really steep hill running up the back of the course and down a rather steep drop into a wooded area. This nearly killed the Mrs so I had to wait till set up on the Saturday to see more.

Saturday morning arrived and I was paired up with JD. We were taken by quads, up the hill and shown where we had to set up. It was a really varied course steep hills, wooded sections, open fields, up and down off camber paths and a little mud. The weather was fine and was set to stay the same. We settled in and had dinner and then all jumped in the back of a van into Stourport to the pub.


TBEC Rendlesham Forest 2010
Written by Tony Woolmore   
Wednesday, 03 March 2010

My first season 2010

I thought I would put my first ever season of hare and hounds into words and pictures.

The championship
The first thing i did was look for a championship that would be do able. I found The Trail Bike and Enduro club (TBEC) all of their races are within a reasonable distance from home and the main ethos for the club is to have fun and not be too competative. Meeting loads of people at my first race weekend I think I have made the right decision, There are some really good, friendly people always ready to give advice and help out.

The man
Now anybody reading this must understand that I'm no spring chicken. Being 45 year old who smokes, drinks and eats too much, I haven't had too much exercise in the last few years.

The bike
As you may have read already I have restored a 1996 Yamaha WR250. That will be my steed for the season.

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