Rich T 2010
Tidworth Enduro 28-11-2010
Written by Richard Troth   
Sunday, 28 November 2010

TidworthWhat can i say...arrived at Tidworth Tank range for the SETRA Tidworth Hare n Hounds at 0730 and it was bitterly cold at minus 3, i jumped out straight away and tried to climatise myself and unloaded bike and stuff whilst Erika sorted her camera stuff out as she was SETRA's official photographer for the day, Had a bit of company as Shane Babey and Keith Workman were riding as well.

Signed on and scrutineered and my fingers were totally numb through the cold, briefing done and my start time was 10.06 same as Shane...albeit that was the only time i saw him again lol. My object was to finish first and foremost and secondly to not fall off as much and try to concentrate a bit more.

"Swamp Round" PMCRC 21-11-10
Written by Richard Troth   
Monday, 22 November 2010

PMCRC Well what can I say ... no one ever told me when i started this Enduro "Fun" sport that i needed to be A) a swimmer and B) a specialist in Bog Snorkelling. The conditions were all that and more with so much of the far end of the course under water and the ditches were moats.

My day started ok and met up with the usual crew of friends/riders putting the world to rights, also gave out a few Teamsnapper hoodies to regular customers and supporters of Teamsnapper. Things got worse when I lined up in the Sportsman group when I was entered in Veterans lol, so I was 2 minutes behind from the off, then bike stalled, bike was fine it was just me, I got away with the final few and a few yards came across the big log which was pandemonium...riders and bikes everywhere, I got over the log fine but another rider fell in front of me which caused me to loose balance and I was then laid down with a Husaberg on top of me.....from them on it was hell, I fell off 39 times on lap one ....yes 39, I have never paddled my legs so much and I'm quite sure my feet never touched my footpegs in 3 hours. Luckily i am fairly fit which helped me so much, i think the top riders use me as a benchmark to see how many times they can lap me lol, everyone seems to recognise me as when they pass i always get "Thanks Rich" " Cheers Mr T" "Come on Teamsnapper" "Come on Mr T keep going" etc etc believe me it’s those comments that kept me plodding away.

RAF Ardua Bagshot 24-10-10
Written by Richard Troth   
Monday, 25 October 2010
BagshotErika and i Arrived nice and early as usual and noticed Damon Lock and Dan Lewis already there......(Tongues out waiting for food wagon lol). This would be my first outing out injury free and so hoping i can finish event just to get some confidence and track time back, have been doing loads of fitness stuff recently so don't think that will be an issue.

The organisation was spot on as usual with the Military run events, start time was 10.00 for Championship class and my class (Sportsman) was 10.04.

Erika was there Photographing for Team Snapper, was a very social event and lots of huddles and chats going on was great to meet up with my club mates (PMCRC) Shane Babey, Stu Smith, Stew Churchyard, Damon Lock, Aaaron Dibnah, Martin Biles, Clare Taylor,Tristan Robinson and my good buddy Chris Davey, was also good to catch up with Dan Lawry, Freddie Broadway and Alan Cook and always good to make new friends like Aaron Phillips, Stephen Hartland and Alan Taylor.

Foxwell Timecard Enduro 12/09/2010
Written by Richard Troth   
Sunday, 12 September 2010

Foxwell120 miles to go to to an Enduro (must be mad) lol.

Swindon MCC were running and staging this at Cirencester Park which is part of the Bathurst Estate and what a cracking venue and course, 16 miles with a 4 mile special stage which had to be done twice.

I was entered in the Sportsman class and started at 10.25 and had 70 minutes to complete 1 lap including the special stage but only timed on lap 2 and 3. I started steady and really tried to memorise the course as best I could especially the special stage. Made the lap with 10 minutes spare so refuelled and watered.

Off I went for lap 2 which I had 60 minutes which included special timed stage of 4 miles, the bike was running great and really getting the hang of her now. I seemed to overtake a few riders and no-one had passed me, so I thought I was doing OK. Got to special stage and had to queue for a few minutes and then came across a fallen rider for whom I stopped but he said he was just winded and told me to carry on. Finished the lap with 5 minutes to spare and had quick refuel and water .

PMCRC Round 4
Written by Richard Troth   
Wednesday, 08 September 2010

PMCRC Enduro5th September 2010. After my outing at Slab Common I came away with some great experience in not only bike control but how important preparation is before an event esp the nutritional side, so I had no excuses not to be able to finish the event which is my game plan.

Erika and I arrive very early (as always lol), have a quick chat with Sue and Shane and then unload the new bike (HusabergFE390), I had had some porridge and fruit at 0630am then at 0930am I had some muesli and banana and 10 minutes before start I had a CNP Pro Energy Bar.

The venue was filling up quite quickly and my neighbours for the day were Rich (The Bear) Gunner and his posse, Stuart (What Logs) Smith and Chris (Mad as a Box of Frogs) Stainger of all I owe a lot of thanx to in helping me learn the ropes of this enduro game.

Erika was getting her kit out (ooh er madam lol) (Camera Kit).

RAF Ardua 2010
Written by Richard Troth   
Sunday, 22 August 2010

Slab CommonWell I arrived at Slab Common with Erika with the sole intention to photograph for teamsnapper photography as I had sold my bike and still awaiting delivery of the Husaberg, and I had been laid up for one week with an E. Coli urine infection that knocked me for six.

However Chris Stainger whom I sold the Husky too decided he was going to ride his KTM as he was not used to the Husky yet, he had bought with him both bikes and bent my arm (Yeah right) and told me to take the Husky out, as I was already pre entered and had the riding kit in the van. Chris had also had the suspension done through Kiwi and fitted mousses front and rear; it would be nice to see if I could notice any difference.

I being so new to this off road world had never done a time card event so I had lots of help from Chris, Rich Gunner and Shane Babey, it all happened so quickly that I hadn't had breakfast or any fluids and considering my urine infection I was hardly prepared and to make matters worse I had never ridden at Slab Common or in sand before lol.

PMCRC Round 3 2010
Written by Richard Troth   
Monday, 02 August 2010

25th July 2010

My first event for 5 months after serious knee injury and only my 3rd ever enduro so to say I was a bit anxious was an understatement, I am also nursing a broken index finger on clutch hand lol, Erika and I got there nice and early, about 30 mins before Manny, I was signed on and bike scrutineered and on line before more people arrived, my sole adjective was to finish the enduro.

Erika was busy getting herself ready in her role as photographer for Team Snapper as no help from me this weekend unless I had a mishap.

My nerves sort of disappeared at the start and found myself on the front row of the sportsman class, off we went and I was in about 3rd place when we came to a left hander that was boggy especially on the right hand side and yes you guessed it I went wide and was catapulted over the bars, by the time I had got my breath back and dragged the bike to hard ground there was an eerie silencs, I was dead last! So I plodded on and eventually passed someone and just kept steady slow laps.

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