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Normandy MCC Bagshot 17-04-11
Written by Richard Troth   
Monday, 18 April 2011

Normandy MCCKaka and i arrived early (as usual) 0700hrs the same time as Nik Everitt from Normandy MCC, and had quite a chat before the masses arrived, although not a full entry the riders list had some quality riders entered, still a bit puzzled at why not a full event as Normandy do put on a good event and promised some totally different this time at Bagshot and there was nothing else on in the south..... nothing as queer as folk my Dad would say lol.

Had good chat with Dan Groom/Manny and Simon Beken, Dan and Pete Lawry, Mark and George Hayes, Judsy, Zade, and Ben from LFB, Dan Brundell, Timothy Tubb, Helen Spiers, Martin Biles, Paul West, Rob Mussell, Aaron and Tristian, Ben blah blah and of course my good friend and sparring partner Chris Stainger.

SDMCC Corinium 10-04-2011
Written by Richard Troth   
Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Jump at the Corinium EnduroAfter doing the Foxwell Enduro last year with Swindon and District Motorcycle Club which was very enjoyable both for myself riding and Erika photographing we were very keen to make sure I got a place for the famous Corinium Enduro that sells out within days of entry opening. After early mornings, checking their website daily, i managed to get that all-important entry in and so we were sorted...i was going to ride and Erika as usual was photographing.

The Enduro itself is based at Cirencester Park, which is part of the Bathhurst Estate and part of the 10000 acres of parkland. Even if you are not the best of riders, the scenery and wildlife will captivate your attention. Come the day we left at 5am, arrived just after 7am, and met with one of the organisers Sandra Wooster who had kindly done a map, riders list, and helper’s food voucher, and her husband Keith (Clerk of the Course) had found the perfect spot at the end of a nice jump for Erika to photograph.

REME Bagshot 27-03-2011
Written by Richard Troth   
Monday, 28 March 2011

REMEWhat a fantastic 4hour Hare and Hounds event put on by the REME guys from Bordon, the organisation skills are second to none and it really showed today with such detail in the course, i myself am an ex Royal marine and i will never call the REME boys soft anymore as the course was very hard and had every conceivable hazard.

The Start was wide and long which went into a tight left into a tight wooded section which opened out into an open space which zig zagged up to the pit area where you had choice of extreme section or the chicken route which was 25 seconds longer. The extreme section was well thought out and had various hazards to test all skill levels. The course then went through tight woods which eventually turned into some superb forest trails with hazards everywhere and it really was a high level concentration course at all times. The climbs, which were steep, were covered in very deep ruts, which made them tough and many a rider went down, there was several of these climbs on the course.

Blackwood Popham 20-03-2011
Written by Richard Troth   
Monday, 21 March 2011

Special TestWell folks it looks like it is becoming a habit as now finished 2 enduros in a row and this one was a timecard run by Kingston MCC at Blackwood forest near Winchester, Manny told me i would enjoy as it’s a fast free flowing type of venue and not that technical (Not sure what he was trying to tell me lol).

Kaka and i arrived in the newly liveried van at just past 0730 and managed to park near my new club buddies of London Fire Brigade MCC of which i am now a rookie member, as we were early me and Kaka decided to walk the special test which was longer than i thought. Took about 35-40 minutes although it was long there was nothing daunting and Simon Beken gave me a tip at one of the corners which i did use and think it saved a second or two (Thanks Simon).

Ashdown Farm Blewbury 12-03-2011
Written by Richard Troth   
Sunday, 13 March 2011

Rich at BlewburyNot many events are run on a Saturday but South Reading MCC run most of their enduros from Ashdown Park Blewbury near Oxford and are always held on Saturdays which is a nice change as you can recover on the Sunday and sort out bike etc.

Anyway i was Erikaless which also meant Teamsnapperless as she was doing a green lane day along with her best friend Rachel organised by EPM which is a girl only enduro/green lane training club, i am sure she will blog on here later and tell you all about it, anyway not having my organiser and better half helping me and not a camera in sight i arrived nice and early (theres a surprise lol), parked next to Dan Brundell and had good chat and then the masses started to arrive, notably Shane Babey and his motley crew in their nice new van(what recession), Neil Houghton, Darren Giggs, Keith Workman, Rob Taylor, James Giiddings, Terry Carter and Tim Harvey (Ex touring car champion and current Porsche Super cup driver), signing on and scrutineering is a doddle with SRMCC as all very simplistic, was also good to see Peter Lawry who was clerk of the course and also top rider Rich Warner who was there helping out and told me he has retired from enduros for the foreseeable future but will still do his twin shock MX racing which he is also a dab hand.

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