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Blackwood Popham 20-03-2011
Written by Richard Troth   

Special TestWell folks it looks like it is becoming a habit as now finished 2 enduros in a row and this one was a timecard run by Kingston MCC at Blackwood forest near Winchester, Manny told me i would enjoy as it’s a fast free flowing type of venue and not that technical (Not sure what he was trying to tell me lol).

Kaka and i arrived in the newly liveried van at just past 0730 and managed to park near my new club buddies of London Fire Brigade MCC of which i am now a rookie member, as we were early me and Kaka decided to walk the special test which was longer than i thought. Took about 35-40 minutes although it was long there was nothing daunting and Simon Beken gave me a tip at one of the corners which i did use and think it saved a second or two (Thanks Simon).

SEEC Surrey Pol 2011
Written by Manny Bernardez   

through muddy puddleEvery year the same thing seems to happen, a long layoff and my first "real" event being the Surrey Pol, always notoriously hard on the rider, having only clocked up a few hours on the seat since the Natterjack back in September. I was hoping to last a little longer than I did at the Muntjac (less than 30 minutes) and was confident the WRF electrical problems where now sorted…frankly could not wait to see what the big bore 290 was actually like to ride for more than 60 second stints.

Session 1, 2 laps in 60 minutes.
The bike started first crank and I got cleanly away letting Bernie Marcari take the lead. First little problem was the idle was hanging badly (common WRF problem) which pushed me into the corners, so I stopped to let the idle right down which lead to problem number 2, with the extra cc and high compression piston made it real easy to stall, not something I'm used to doing. Problem number 3, the rear brake was not working very affectedly as the pads and disc where new that might explain it, sure felt like the piston was getting pushed back in the calliper, as it would go all spongy on me if not in constant us. I was not going to let those little niggles spoil my day, time to put up and ride.

Ashdown Farm Blewbury 12-03-2011
Written by Richard Troth   

Rich at BlewburyNot many events are run on a Saturday but South Reading MCC run most of their enduros from Ashdown Park Blewbury near Oxford and are always held on Saturdays which is a nice change as you can recover on the Sunday and sort out bike etc.

Anyway i was Erikaless which also meant Teamsnapperless as she was doing a green lane day along with her best friend Rachel organised by EPM which is a girl only enduro/green lane training club, i am sure she will blog on here later and tell you all about it, anyway not having my organiser and better half helping me and not a camera in sight i arrived nice and early (theres a surprise lol), parked next to Dan Brundell and had good chat and then the masses started to arrive, notably Shane Babey and his motley crew in their nice new van(what recession), Neil Houghton, Darren Giggs, Keith Workman, Rob Taylor, James Giiddings, Terry Carter and Tim Harvey (Ex touring car champion and current Porsche Super cup driver), signing on and scrutineering is a doddle with SRMCC as all very simplistic, was also good to see Peter Lawry who was clerk of the course and also top rider Rich Warner who was there helping out and told me he has retired from enduros for the foreseeable future but will still do his twin shock MX racing which he is also a dab hand.

EPM Experience Day 2011
Written by snapper girl   
Eriks's CRF
As you know i have my little CRF230 which i love, but have seriously struggled ‘playing’ at our woods,those logs are way too big for me to get over without having a girly outburst and crying! So a couple of times recently Rich and I have gone green laning around the Salisbury area, which i really enjoyed (Despite falling of in a puddle that felt like it was as big as Lake Windermere LOL). This lead to a ‘friend of a friend of a friend’ getting in touch because his Wife had recently booked a days trail riding with EPM Experience in Basingstoke and wondered if i was interested in going along too. Without really thinking what was likely to be involved i agreed and Rich booked it for me and my best friend Rachel to go. Rachel like me has lots of years road riding experience, but hardly any offroad, in fact she has only done our woods with me a couple of times.
BXDE 2010
Written by Richard Troth   

logoWell what an event that was.......full of action, spills and thrills, we arrived at 0630 to help Manny B/Colin B/Simon B and others from Witley to set up the final bits, the whole area of Weavers Down was still completely covered in snow and in places over 12 inches deep and any areas that had been driven on were solid ice, as the competitors arrived so many were getting stuck in and everyone seemed to be helping everyone, its amazing how we bond in such adverse situations.

BXDE winner Dorren CouttsI was luckily enough to view the course which was just a tad over 12 miles and the conditions were hard and challenging with many climbs and bogs that were proper bogs and you had to be so committed to get through due to their depth, the very steep climbs were great if you had clear run but that did not happen often and the carnage on the hills looked like a battlefield from old. The hardest factor was simply the ice where it had compacted and as the event wore on the ice got worse and was the downfall of EVERY rider at some stage.

330 riders were due to sign on with many more in reserve waiting for the opportunity for non arrivals, sadly one of the big guns failed to make the start James Giddings but the A list was of excellent quality with some top MX and Enduro riders in the mix like Scott Elderfield/Dorren Coutts/Jack Turner/Aaron Smith/Richard Ely/Jack Twentyman/Dan Beaven/Zac Blackwell .

The start was the Witley trademark Le Mans style of running to your bike and go go go.........

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