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Tidworth Enduro 28-11-2010
Written by Richard Troth   

TidworthWhat can i say...arrived at Tidworth Tank range for the SETRA Tidworth Hare n Hounds at 0730 and it was bitterly cold at minus 3, i jumped out straight away and tried to climatise myself and unloaded bike and stuff whilst Erika sorted her camera stuff out as she was SETRA's official photographer for the day, Had a bit of company as Shane Babey and Keith Workman were riding as well.

Signed on and scrutineered and my fingers were totally numb through the cold, briefing done and my start time was 10.06 same as Shane...albeit that was the only time i saw him again lol. My object was to finish first and foremost and secondly to not fall off as much and try to concentrate a bit more.

"Swamp Round" PMCRC 21-11-10
Written by Richard Troth   

PMCRC Well what can I say ... no one ever told me when i started this Enduro "Fun" sport that i needed to be A) a swimmer and B) a specialist in Bog Snorkelling. The conditions were all that and more with so much of the far end of the course under water and the ditches were moats.

My day started ok and met up with the usual crew of friends/riders putting the world to rights, also gave out a few Teamsnapper hoodies to regular customers and supporters of Teamsnapper. Things got worse when I lined up in the Sportsman group when I was entered in Veterans lol, so I was 2 minutes behind from the off, then bike stalled, bike was fine it was just me, I got away with the final few and a few yards came across the big log which was pandemonium...riders and bikes everywhere, I got over the log fine but another rider fell in front of me which caused me to loose balance and I was then laid down with a Husaberg on top of me.....from them on it was hell, I fell off 39 times on lap one ....yes 39, I have never paddled my legs so much and I'm quite sure my feet never touched my footpegs in 3 hours. Luckily i am fairly fit which helped me so much, i think the top riders use me as a benchmark to see how many times they can lap me lol, everyone seems to recognise me as when they pass i always get "Thanks Rich" " Cheers Mr T" "Come on Teamsnapper" "Come on Mr T keep going" etc etc believe me it’s those comments that kept me plodding away.

RAF Ardua Bagshot 24-10-10
Written by Richard Troth   
BagshotErika and i Arrived nice and early as usual and noticed Damon Lock and Dan Lewis already there......(Tongues out waiting for food wagon lol). This would be my first outing out injury free and so hoping i can finish event just to get some confidence and track time back, have been doing loads of fitness stuff recently so don't think that will be an issue.

The organisation was spot on as usual with the Military run events, start time was 10.00 for Championship class and my class (Sportsman) was 10.04.

Erika was there Photographing for Team Snapper, was a very social event and lots of huddles and chats going on was great to meet up with my club mates (PMCRC) Shane Babey, Stu Smith, Stew Churchyard, Damon Lock, Aaaron Dibnah, Martin Biles, Clare Taylor,Tristan Robinson and my good buddy Chris Davey, was also good to catch up with Dan Lawry, Freddie Broadway and Alan Cook and always good to make new friends like Aaron Phillips, Stephen Hartland and Alan Taylor.

TBEC Hockliffe 2010
Written by Tony Woolmore   
10th October

HockliffeIt was a cold morning but it was going to be good for racing. My new bike on the line I was ready to go. At 10.32 am it started first time and away I went. The first section was open field with some corners thrown in for good measure. The wet grass was like riding on ice. On to a twisty mound and around a bush and oh! Logs! Straighten it up and no problem and then some more logs. It was then into the wood, this was really tight single track with lots of roots and bogs. The worst part was the bottle neck a tree to the left and big root to the right. Exiting the woods was through a sloppy ditch and then 3 or 4 jumps but these were to muddy for me to jump. Another open field followed this with a couple of bogs, jumps and ditches. Then on to the main event. Round a big bush to slow things down and a up hill bog, it was a little sloppy! At the top was a twisty up and down over a rubble mound section. Then the big one the down hill bog. This was really marshy with two ditches which were errrrr wet! The rest of the course was fairly open with lots of mud. It was a fairly a challenging course of about 4.5km.
TBEC Butts Quarry
Written by Tony Woolmore   

Butts Quarry15th of August 2010. What an awesome course! With the bike all repaired and oil tight we were up for this. I say we as because of it being a short course it was run as 6 hour two man team event. I had already teamed up with Hoody, who is quicker than I am, on his WR450F.

We decided that because Hoody was quicker he would start. We were on row zero so we would start from the front. At 10.30 Hooday was off but after 20 mins I was starting to get worried. The fast boys were lapping in 8 mins – the word came that his bike was cutting out every time he opened it up so I got ready for when he got back to the pits.

He turned up and it was my turn. The first wood section was difficult – steep climbs and drops and lots of rocks. At the top there were easy and hard routes. On this occasion I took the easy route. I couldn't make it to the top and had to pulled up by the marshalls. Along the top were rocks and boulders and then back down to the quarry. This was all single track with some really rocky sections. Then onto the MX track for a couple of hundred metres, then into a small but easier wood section, then return to the MX track for a couple of jumps. At the bottom of the MX track was a blue tape area. We then entered a small wood section with an up hill U turn which thankfully rutted later in the day. The torque on my bike is amazing and even with some wheel spin always managed to climb. At the top the this section it was back onto the MX track with a lot of little nadgy bits thrown in. I think to start with I was managing 12 min laps. I finished two laps and passed the batton back to Hoody who had sorted his bike.

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