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TBEC Ashdown farm Blewbury 2010
Written by Tony Woolmore   

JumpWe arrived at Ashdown farm on Friday morning to help set up. It was very wet with huge puddles everywhere and everything they said about the entrance track was true and then some. After a couple of laps on the back of a quad to set up I was really stoked. WOW ! what a venue. Three really tight wooded sections, some open fields and of course the motocross track. I was really looking forward to this one.

Race day arrived, Saturday for this one due to it being Easter. Through scrutineering and kit Carnage on the hillsup, I was ready. I was on row 10 for the start which was ok. The first bit was a long blue tape section onto a short blast and then into a tight wooded section. This was really dense and the course didn't really need marking out as there was only one way through. By the time i got to the end of this section the marshals had altered it to cut out an uphill u turn.

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Surrey Pol Enduro 2010
Written by Manny Bernardez   

SEEC Enduro Championship Round 2

First event of the New Year for me having not ridden since the Tim Ward in December...was I excited about it? Yes until I spent all day Saturday struggling to get my bike started and running properly. The bag of goodies that cost me a small fortune from mainly was left unused. I did not bother fitting the complete new clutch assembly because the plan was to refit my Magura hydraulic clutch, but the slave cylinder was still on back order from Venhill and with no new springs I didn’t really want to kill it just yet. New chain and sprockets at Bagshot? No way! I was sure the existing set had one more event left in them. The pump seal developed a leak out of the blue, had to hope for the best as it was to late to do anything about it.

Si Beken picked us up Sunday morning which turned out to be a really nice day, bright sunshine with a wind that cut straight through you out in the open, just a reminder that we were still not quite out of winter. Looking at the schedule board the Vet’s were down doing the same laps and times as the Experts, strange decision considering we were starting behind the Clubman, all part of the flavour that is SEEC Enduro, every club has their own interpretation of how a event should be run, never a dull moment.
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TBEC Stourport on Severn 2010
Written by Tony Woolmore   

We set off on Friday lunch time as we had 200 miles to cover. We arrived at the course with plenty of daylight and had a little walk around some of the course. We walked up a really steep hill running up the back of the course and down a rather steep drop into a wooded area. This nearly killed the Mrs so I had to wait till set up on the Saturday to see more.

Saturday morning arrived and I was paired up with JD. We were taken by quads, up the hill and shown where we had to set up. It was a really varied course steep hills, wooded sections, open fields, up and down off camber paths and a little mud. The weather was fine and was set to stay the same. We settled in and had dinner and then all jumped in the back of a van into Stourport to the pub.


TBEC Rendlesham Forest 2010
Written by Tony Woolmore   

My first season 2010

I thought I would put my first ever season of hare and hounds into words and pictures.

The championship
The first thing i did was look for a championship that would be do able. I found The Trail Bike and Enduro club (TBEC) all of their races are within a reasonable distance from home and the main ethos for the club is to have fun and not be too competative. Meeting loads of people at my first race weekend I think I have made the right decision, There are some really good, friendly people always ready to give advice and help out.

The man
Now anybody reading this must understand that I'm no spring chicken. Being 45 year old who smokes, drinks and eats too much, I haven't had too much exercise in the last few years.

The bike
As you may have read already I have restored a 1996 Yamaha WR250. That will be my steed for the season.

PMCRC 5 Hour
Written by Manny Bernardez   

28th June 2009

It has been a while since I have written anything so here’s something that I did not get round to do last year. The story begins way back in 09, PMCRC were planning on doing a 5 hour team event and I had been looking for a Hare & Hounds event I could enter young Mat Price with. I was still kind of feeling a little guilty that my WRF’s hydraulic clutch had broken on him leaving him stranded after only doing half a lap of BXDE 08. Another reason for writing this is Mat has shattered his knee cap just before Christmas (nasty).

The 5 hour was the perfect event to enter together, PMCRC are a great club and Woodberry if dry (rarity) is not that technically challenging to novice riders and with a short course length you could not ask for a better combination, sent the regs off and prayed for a dry sunny day just for Mat’s sake.
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