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Pepperami, The making of an animal Part 2
Written by Tony Woolmore   

Part 2 subtitled (What an old nail)

I got home from Tunstall and to say i was a little dissapointed would be an understatement. I'm still stewing over the fact that i didn't go home and get the Husky. So my mind was made up, a full rebuild it was going to be.

Here it is.

Pepperami, The making of an animal.
Written by Tony Woolmore   

Subtitled - Not the sharpest tool in the box.

I have decided to start a blog just to let everyone know that it doesn't matter how stupid you are you will get there in the end. I hope this might give you some hope when it all goes (wrong) you know what i mean. As the comedy of errors unfolds you may feel things aren't all that bad.

Why Pepperami?
I bought a Vw camper and decided to name it Pepperami as i wanted to make it a little bit spicy. On the VW forum at meets and camping the name has stuck.
Big alloys, lower suspension 2.2 ltr Subaru engine that is another comedy of errors best left.
This is how i have been getting back into it, I hope you enjoy and it gives a little hope.

Natterjack Enduro BEC Round 4
Written by Manny Bernardez   

26/27 September Weavers Down

Been looking forward to the Natterjack for months especially as Si Beken was only starting a minute behind me, the plan was to ride together and not take it very seriously much like we did last year on Day 2, just riding round having a laugh, now I was carrying a injury my enthusiasm had wavered somewhat.

Left the bike preparation to my customary last minute taking Thursday off to make sure the bike was fettled to within an inch of its life. Replacing the head race bearings took hours and had to resort to grinding the lower ones out. The middle inlet valve needed another re-shim, can’t remember when I last did it but it must have been only a few months back, worrying to say the least. Had a bit of drama when the camshaft bearing holder fell into the engine, borrowing an extendable magnet from Si saved the day, otherwise it was going to be a engine out and upside down job.

Slacking Again?
Written by Manny Bernardez   

Well it might look that way, still got two Enduro blog entries that are outstanding to write but alas have been concentrating on other matters for the last few weeks. To make up for things I’m been working on a major website sort out and upgrade for the last few days.

Done and dusted:

  • Calendar now has new layout with dates showing in year list, the plan is to add more categories to cover most of the race series around the South. I would like to go further out but doing dates is tedious, I could do with some help (registered members can add dates).
  • New video component has been added ‘FTJ TV’ name lacks imagination me thinks. Guests can now add videos from 21 video providers, don’t worry if there is no category that fits your video, I will add to them as I see fit stick them anywhere you like for the time being. Registered members get a new video profile tab with their submissions. Latest videos are displayed on front page if you haven’t noticed.
  • The Links have been expanded with more categories and navigation cleaned up. Got an interesting link? Signup and add it!
  • Forum now allows Guests to make threads and post, we will see how this goes with spam.
  • Venues updated and with more categories.
  • Added a My Comments tab to profiles.

On the to do list:

Sidcup MCC Enduro 2009
Written by Manny Bernardez   

SEEC Round 8 13th September 2009

With only six weeks having past since breaking my collar bone and two weeks left until the Natterjack BEC round, I thought it would be wise to get some saddle time and enter the Sidcup MCC Freestyle Husqvarna Enduro, all last minute of course. To be honest there was no real motivation having felt I had lost all my momentum plus the shoulder joint was still feeling sore.

Si Beken decided to give this one a miss meaning no Malcom Beken in the pits to keep me on the straight and narrow, even worse Aaron Smith had an accident on his scooter and was very lucky to get away with relatively minor injuries, still on crutches he withdrew his entry…get well soon mate!

Play Sidcup Rear CamRear CameraPlay VideoPlay Part 2Jumping

Freestyle Husqvarna Enduro around the web:
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Photo Albums by leeroy_07 HERE and Amos1965 HERE Race report by redbikejohn HERE helmet cam lap HERE

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