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 Kaka's early offroading
Kaka's early offroad...
Only her 3rd time out on the bike, so slow, unsure, and bum ...
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Date: 2010-11-11 09:26:38


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TBEC Ashdown farm Blewbury Was great meeting you and Michelle, we had a great day and really enjoyed TBEC as a club and how sociable the riders and officials are, you entertained us at the jump especially on one occasion where we both thought you were about to eat a dirt sandwich lol, hope to see you again soon. Kaka n Rich
Normandy MCC Bagshot 17-04-11 And well done to you Mr T for getting 1st in Sportsmans........leaving that class in a blaze of glory smilies/grin.gif
REME Bagshot 27-03-2011 Very proud of you yet again Mr T smilies/smiley.gif
Blackwood Popham 20-03-2011 Woo hoo you.......4th in class again............well done and very proud of you smilies/cheesy.gif
Blackwood Popham 20-03-2011 I pigged out on a greasy bacon roll whilst you ate museli and fruit..............smilies/cry.gif
EPM Experience Day 2011 Please don't make me think about the REME training day........SCARED SCARED SCARED. Manny I will never be ready to race.......and anyhow who would take the photos if i was racing? lol
Ashdown Farm Blewbury 12-03-2011 So very very proud of you Rich, 4th in your class and 29th overall, way to go you...........Glad i was missed though even if it was only for my organising you skills and the camera :-). Green laning is not the same without your constant encouragement and help getting out of puddles that my bike seems to love so much
Tidworth Enduro 28-11-2010 Ah but Manny, Rich has a gorgeous lady doctor with 'rather nice breasts' as he puts it, so any excuse to have his bits molested...........he will probably need her to give him a 2nd opinion later in the week smilies/grin.gif
Enduro practice LOL, ok, i'm now not sure how i managed to get it onto facebook !!! Will try to get it onto here tomorrow.
Enduro practice No manny, a numpty on a bike category! smilies/grin.gif
Enduro practice Nice video Mr T, those logs don't look very big on the video, but speaking from experience they are massive. Please please please don't put up the next video you took today....... X


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