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Croydon SEEC Round 4
Written by Manny   
Saturday, 19 May 2007
West Harting Dawn is another of my favourite venues and with the Croydon club you can guaranty a well run event with a excellent course, they use timing equipment on the special test which to me all clubs should be running, stopwatches do not cut it in the 21st Century. After signing on Si, Elliot, Malcolm and myself made the long walk to the special test which looked great and suited me and the YZ 125, there was a couple of alternate lines noted and put to memory. At the riders meeting it was mentioned that you did not have to dismount to cross the byways which in previous years meant running with the bike on two or three occasions per lap.

The bike started first kick and I set of quickly as was trying to avoid Roger Brown who had the sound meter out, the ground conditions were perfect with enough moisture to stop dust and plenty of grip for the tyres even though we had another wet month it stayed dry for the week previous. I rolled into the special test determined to give it everything because by now I knew the tight check was going to be doable and it was going to be won and lost on the test, the lights turned green and I shot of down the straight like a scolded cat, first few corners were perfect I then come across a sunken sections with three woops followed by a tight corner which I totally got wrong and went straight through the tape on the outside, I had to navigate over a huge pile of crossed sticks which to this day I have no idea how I never come off and back through the tape again, in one of the wide wooded straights that funnelled into single track there was a bloke signalling to slow down which I did but didn’t see any danger and ripped all the way to the end.

The fast check loomed by this time was feeling the usual tired self, I had to cut two minutes of my lap to achieve the time so I gave it my best shot but by the time I got to the gnarly slippery root infested section near the end of the lap I was spent force and nearly become a cropper on the roots, made it in without using my minute which I was well chuffed with but again the special test time was going to bite me. For something that used to be my forte now was becoming a nightmare. Again brilliant event times spot on.

Result: 7th

SP Time: 7th

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