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Kingston MCC SEEC Round 2
Written by Manny   
Sunday, 11 March 2007
My first proper race of 2007 in one of my favourite venues with a bike I only ridden for a couple of hours, this was going to be interesting as the last event I rode was Carshalton’s Tilgate round a few years back on my MTX 125 making it a grand total of one event in seven years. At least my battered body was felling a lot better and the thought of taking a dab with my right leg did not fill me with fear or pain. Bike started and away I went just feeling my way round for the first couple of laps by then it was becoming obvious that a set of handguards and a new clutch were going to be first items on my shopping list, every lap

I was hitting a tree in the very narrow tree sections with my left little finger and the clutch was dragging making it difficult to be smooth. The going was soft and slippery due to the amount of rain we had recently with a few gutsy sections that zapped energy. I queued up for the special test and was looking forward to letting it rip as the test suits my riding style but to be quite honest I just lost all my energy three quarters of the way round and cruised into the finish following another rider. The fast checked loomed but by that time my complete lack of fitness was showing and my riding was getting rouged, lucky for me my second wind kicked in just at the right time and cruised through the lap just loosing a minute. The last lap was a struggle and by then I was just sitting down on the bike and letting it be the master dragging me around the course but I was determined to get a result.

Zade has done a very good video of the event and his helmet camera inspired me to get my own. You can get a copy of the DVD if you email him This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it Price £7.99 + £1.99 P&P.

Result: 7th

SP Time: 4th quickest

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