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RAF Ardua
Written by Manny   
Saturday, 05 May 2007
Never done an Ardua Enduro before so not sure what to expect one thing I did know that Bagshot Test Track if there’s such a thing as a bogie track this one was it, never been hurt riding there but have had mechanicals in the past or totally screwed up the times. Signed on and was pleased to find that it was a time card event as avoiding hare & hounds events because of my bike fitness was a main priority at that time. Looking at the lap board seam to be a hell of laps to do and the times decreased making the last the tight check, great that’s just what I needed! With two special tests to do I was going to find this hard going.

Getting back from the first lap I was surprised on how much the place been eroded even the fire roads were tank slap city at least the hills were fun to do, you had to get a good drive as soon as possible to make sure the little 125 got to the top as the ground was loamy and loose and very easy to bury the bike with no chance of getting going again. Laps ticked by with plenty of time in the pits waiting for your time to come up which by this time I needed because exhaustion started to set in, made it all the way to the penultinum check without loosing any time but was well and truly knackered by then and rode the last check sitting down like a old granny bike dragging me everywhere and mainly in first gear, lost four minutes, pathetic! The course was great but way too tight there was not a moments rest anywhere, my two special test were within the same second even though I got held up badly on the second one so I thought, if my fitness could have held out it would have been a third place instead of twenty first.

Result: 21st

SP Time: 3rd Quickest

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