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Sidcup MCC SEEC Round 7
Written by Manny   
Saturday, 08 September 2007
Special TestFirst time back to Canada Heights for a fair few years and was expecting the usual tight going with the motocross course split into two lanes but I was pleasantly surprised to see the Clerk of the Course given us a fair shot at the jumps. My step-father Jack turned up to film the event on his camcorder with a small army of helpers and enough equipment for a pro shoot. After signing on I went looking for the special test and bumped into Si, Elliot, Bernie and John who assured me it was not worth the walk up to the orchard as all it did was zigzag around some tree so I gave it a miss.

Times looked nice and relaxed to start with two tight check later on the day one in the last session. Bike started first kick and it was a bit of follow the leader around the woods with mainly just one line to follow, finely got to the table top jump and gave it some gas landed on the edge of the down slope and to my surprise the bike rebounded back up just as high as I jumped and landed front wheel heavy back on the track, think there might be something wrong with the front forks suspension settings and there is no way of adjusting the compression without taking the handlebars off, I just had to live with it. Got to the special test and all I could see was tape everywhere worked out were the first couple of corners were and after the quickest countdown in history I was of, missed a few apexes nearly hit a tree and in a inconspicuous looking corner I went down, no one mentioned slippery when talking about the test earlier, quickly remounted and got going again but I knew this going to hurt me in the results. The going was starting to get very physical and I managed to get stuck on one of the sandy ruts in the woods with a lot of other riders in the first tight check costing me two minutes and a lot of energy which was starting to flail by now, that plus the rubbish special test and the event was starting to lose it’s appeal very fast. Lorna gave me a pet talk in the pits and got me out for the second tight check and I rode not fast but smooth and managed just to lose another minute and cruised in for the final check. I retrospect it was an enjoyable days sport, times were spot on the course was better than in previous years.

When I got home I did a bit of Googling and found a site with YZ suspension settings, no wonder the YZ was rebounding hard of jumps with hardly any rebound and compression damping on the front forks.
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