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Streatham MCC SEEC Round 5
Written by Manny   
Saturday, 23 June 2007
One of my favourite venues in the South East this place has it all challenging hills, fast single track, a demanding technical place to ride well wet, as it never stopped raining for the whole of the week previous this one was going to be a tough one. After signing in the times were eventually published with only three laps to do and slack check times looked like it was going to be won or lost on the special test. The test was going to be ridden once on the second lap and was part of the course so no need to walk it. Lucky for me I was given the first minute of the start of the clubman Bs even though I always entered events late and got stuck usually at the back, there was no fear in getting caught in other people’s mistakes as all the riders’ in front knew want they were doing in theory. I was on the same minute as Roger Johnson who I haven’t ridden with for a long time and was looking forward in having a good blast with him.
The first lap started very treacherous and slippery as there was a slimy layer on the track but it was fun watching bikes in front shooting left and right off the track. I was following a chap on a WRF 450 and on every corner he would open it up wheel spinning it wildly as the bike snaked itself up the track meanwhile my YZ 125 just found grip and wheels inline effortless chased him, we got to a big deep buddle at the bottom of the big hill and I gave him some room to avoid the roost I went into the puddle and to my horror the bike stopped right in the middle and would not restart and even worse I was getting filled in by bikes as they squeezed pass. I was carrying a spare spark plug but no spanner and was asking every rider passing me if they had one eventually a sportsman kindly stopped and handed me his spark spanner, after changing it the bike still would not start then I noticed that all the carburettor vent tubes were in the water DOH!! As soon as I pull one free of the carburettor the bike started by this time the hill was littered by sportsmen stuck and I virtually pushed the bike up the hill, it took all the strength I had and was panting like a old dog after a run, tried to keep on riding but the course was so physical that I could not get my breath back, I cut the course and headed to the check to give my timecard back and retire but John Adams and Ray Kennard talked me back into finishing the lap by this time I had recovered and came into the park ferme with still ten minutes to go as the times were that slack thank god.

The second lap went without incident and that hill had been cut out, the thing that was worrying me was I never seen the start or finish of the special test but soon come across the queue on a fire road. The special test start was uphill and you had to go up a steep deep rutted track just of it, not exactly 125 friendly but the YZ just shoot up it like rat up a drain pipe and I just kept on going because I never did see the end board as did most people I spoke with, got back to the park ferme with over half a hour to spare. On the third lap and final lap I arranged to ride with Elliot Beken who was starting two minutes behind so I waited for him and let him ride shogun, it was fun riding with Elliot and he was going at his usual pace which is as quick as possible and after a while I just had to let him go because I was using lots of energy just trying to keep up and both of us were making mistakes.

The going was quite taught with ruts and bogs to pick lines around and was getting very slippery, soon caught up with Elliot again who took a bad line around a bog unbenowed to me he got stuck as I passed him on the high line. I got to one of the off camber climbs got it all out of shape just clipped a tree and landed with my foot caught under the bike trapped, lucky Elliot soon came along setting me free and even rode my bike up the remainder of the hill. We got back with no other mishaps and I was glad it was the last lap.

Result: Premier
SP Time: Quickest
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