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Witley MCC SEEC Round 1
Written by Manny   
Sunday, 23 December 2007
My first ride on a full blown Enduro machine since my accident seven years previously, well not strictly a event for me as I was mashalling at my club event. In the back of the van was a 2001 YZ 125 which did not belong to me but was kindly loaned by Ian George as a try before you buy deal. Got there real late as half way to the event I noticed my boots were not in the van so had to drive all the way up the M3 back to my home in Epsom. I got to the event late and procedings have already started, had to park

miles away, the front gate was closer than the start area, I said my hellos and walk the half mile back to the van (it's great being late) to get kitted out Bike gets dragged out of the van fires up on the six or seventh kick and promptly dies of death after eating the spark plug for lunch, thirty kicks later and I give up...GREAT!!

Another long walk back to the start area to blag a spark plug problem is everyone I know now rides KTM four strokes so no luck there, time for a burger and a chat. I noticed Paul Jay coming back on his CRF 250 and as he was riding a CR 250 last year I thought it was worth a shot, a few minutes later he emerges from his van with a bum bag full of spark plugs and spark plug spanner. OH BLOODY YES!! Thank you Sir!

Once again I make the long walk up the fire road towards the trusty but rusty Transit (beginning to wear a visible path) and pulled the YZ from the back. After changing the plug and it was time to feel some real power, my last few outings were on my Honda MTX 125 not exactly a power house even fully un-restricted. The first thing I noticed was the clutch dragged badly was hoping this was down to the lack of use but even after it warmed up it was impossible to start it in gear. Took it down a few fire roads to check out the power delivery and was impressed on how smooth it come in with a whaling kick at the end, this was partly due to the 10 oz flywheel weight. I head of into the woods to do a lap of the course and noticed the suspension was way too hard but not surprised as Ian weighs in a couple of stone heavier than my feather weight frame. As I start giving the bike some stick I run into few problems, my complete lack of fitness, the bike wanting to mono wheel everywhere and the amount of gear changes and clutch work you have to do to make the bike fly, but my mind was already made up to buy it, the combination of light flick able weight and enough power to do the job in the tight going that usually consist of a SEEC Enduros. The deal was done the following Thursday at the club room and I was the owner of an YZ 125.


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