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Witley MCC Boxing Day Enduro

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Helmet CamBogWoke up with just a couple of hours sleep and headed of for Weavers Down in zombie driving mode getting there not exactly remembering any of the journey. Parked by Si Beken and Shaun Smith who already had my YZ out of the van and looking very clean, the arrangement was that Aaron (Shaun son) would use my YZ and I would borrow Shaun’s XR 250 to do my marshalling duties on but Scottie Coombes was already trying to get a slice of the XR pie, as it turns out neither of us would get to ride the XR.

I had a quick ride on the XR to get a feel for it and parked it up by the start, the plan was I would film the start then jump on the XR and head for the hills and do a bit of filming there and later on head to other interesting sections. Filmed the start walked back to the bike and saw Claire Taylor with her TM 125 next to it, apparently it had seized solid warming up, a quick push on the kick-start confirmed that. Claire wanted to use the XR to carry on racing I tried to tell her that it was not exactly the best bike to use around Weavers but she was adamant she could ride it so bye bye XR. Claire did really well to finish on the XR with 4 or 5 laps completed, well done and respect. A bit bored I spied young Perry McFie wandering around the pits with an ice pack on his wrist and went over to see if I could borrow his YZF 250 for a lap which he kindly obliged. First real ride on a YZF 250 and was very impressed with the tractability of the engine good all round suspension and neutral handling not a hint of KTM head shake for you orange racers out there, what I did feel was the excess weight compared to my YZ 125 and extra effort you needed if say you had to yank the bars to help lift the front wheel but there’s no doubt that I would be quicker on the four stroke, the extra traction you get is hard to beat. Returned the bike to Perry and went to film by the bog near the start which was a endless stream of amusement, rider after rider went down or got stuck. The event was excellent with over 300 riders entered course was long but very rideable incorporating all Weavers best bits and the weather was better than you could expect for December, might have to enter next year and get a slice of the action.
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