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Croydon MCC Enduro West Harting
Written by Manny Bernardez   
Friday, 30 May 2008
Play CroydonThe YZ was kind of ready for the event having spent the previous night working on it in my kitchen until 1am. As I failed to source the necessary parts to fix the clutch properly I bodged it and just stuck in the original plates that came with the bike, my only reason of replacing them was that they dragged horribly, as a added precaution I removed the hydraulic system and went back to a good old cable system..boy did it feel heavy. Simon gave me an alarm call at 5.40 am and with my customary lack of sleep we headed of on the long trip to West Harting.

After drinking a Red Bull to wake my dulled senses it was time to start, didn’t have to ride far to find the clutch was still dragging badly and after a few stalls made easier by the removal of the flywheel weight the YZ was already starting to get on my nerves, the worst thing was the constant violent headshake I had to fight all day ( bottom forks clamps were loose).
By the time I got to the special test which was situated roughly half way round the course I needed a couple of minutes just to rest my tendons on my clutch hand, even then I did the test mainly in first gear just to avoid using it to much. This was going to be one hard day riding that’s for sure, track was bumpy and technical. I tried to ride as smoothy as possible picking my lines but still felt the energy ebbing away, by the time the quick check came (4th lap) there was nothing left to give, hands were blistered badly and it was just a mind game to push myself to do the remaining three tortures laps. In my experience you normally get a second wind but it never did come, just a slow gradual demise to tortoise pace. Think I spent less than five minutes in the pits all day, the rest of the time I was in the saddle.

Thanks to Croydon MCC for a well run event.

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