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Inter Centre Enduro Race Day
Written by Manny Bernardez   
Wednesday, 30 January 2008
Play Helmet CamInter  Center Special Test Another nice bright and early day another Enduro, boy do I hate getting up early in the morning! Filled up a jerry can on the way down and put it behind the back seats of the car, all I could smell on the journey down was unleaded which is not surprising considering the can had a hole in it, only discovered that last bit after it been sitting in the car all day, nice! no smoking for me on the journey home!

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I was searching for the Beken’s who had my YZ in the back of their van and spotted them by Roger Brown who was in the process of failing Ell’s KTM 125 SX with the noise meter for the second time, they already had the expansion chamber wrapped in a towel but still needed to drop another 4db to pass, the towel only cutting 2db from the overall figure, Ian Exton removed the silencer from his 200 but fit wise it was a no go I them remembered that I had some exhaust packing in my kit bag, that shoved up the exhaust plus a now very wet towel resulted in a marginal pass, with that little drama out the way it was time to kit up and ride to the Witley check.

Did not take me long to realize after the first couple of miles that this was going to be a tuff event the bogs that I just passed were going to get nasty, all the low ground was very soft and wouldn’t take long to rut up, on the upside you always had a fire road or long trail to relax don’t think I ever ridden at any event with such a wide range of going, the track laid out by the SEEC clubs was awesome no other word for it, fun and technical at the same time. As I approached the Witley check I could already smell the bacon, Jo, Julie & Becky had set up a field kitchen to cater for any marshal that needed a hot drink and burger, soon enough the championship class riders started roaring pass on their back wheels across the fire road and barrelling into the woods, after all the competitors passed I headed of to the Kingston time check based at Eelmoor via the Normandy check who had a nice little setup going themselves. Dave Chiverton (C of C) asked me in the morning to marshal the special test so I headed back to the start and parked up by the big sandy drop off, was trying to get my cam-corder out when one of the championship boys who were already on the test by then jumped from the top, the landing was heavy and not to comfortable looking but got the crowds approval. I was waiting for Elliot to come pass but he never showed up so I went looking for some information, turns out he crashed on the concrete section which was part of the test and slid into the large electrical box badly bruising his leg. The rest of the day passed quickly as there was always something to do or someone to chat or ride with, excellent event and should become a regular part of the Enduro calendar.

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