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Surrey Police MCC Enduro 1-6-2008
Written by Manny Bernardez   
Tuesday, 15 July 2008
Giving the bike a quick once over the previous day and I found out why it was handling so badly at the Croydon round, I only forgotten to do up the front wheel spindle fork clamps bolts, oh well maybe doing the prep in the kitchen at midnight is not a good idea after all.

Weren’t really looking forward to riding at Bagshot being my boogie track and all. Surrey Police MCC has a reputation of having very tight times with cosistant rain for the previous few days was going to make a pretty tough event. The special test was a good mile walk away but was glad I took a look because it was bloody tight in places; more suitable to a trials bike, anyway I noted a few good lines was about to walk back when Si and Ell’s turned up so I thought I better share my lines and walked round again, blimey I was knackered even before the event started.

Started on first kick and settled in doing the zigzag through the deep water trench got to the woods and at the fallen tree come straight off the bike, that thing was ice slippery, remounted got going, missed the special test because I saw it to late then like a lot of other riders got lost, hehe there were riders coming from all directions at one time. Got to the hills and the clutch started slipping again, my fault really for not fixing it properly, since then a have bought original Yamaha friction plates, steel plates, inner drum, pressure plate and bearings at a very reasonable £180 from www.motoward.co.uk. This left me no choice but to pull in after one lap as there was no way I wanted to be stuck out there.

After parking the bike up and taking my crash helmet off I noticed in my little incident with the tree I managed to pull the lead straight off the helmet camera, the lead managed to short itself fusing all the cables together and melt the plastic battery holder, in those few seconds it also burned out the circuitry in the helmet cam, did I mention the Bagshot was my boogie track?.

By midday I was getting bored and borrowed a few tools and managed to gain a few mill slack in the clutch cable and decided to go for a ride, big mistake. After hitting one of the puddles near the start my goggles got wet couldn’t see much specially the deep ruts round the next puddle and high sided big time, the landing was soft but getting catapulted by the metal end of a barkbuster bloody hurt, in fact probably broke a rid as it was painful for a few weeks. I doubt if I will ride the Carshalton round because now I hate Bagshot, only kidding.

Result: Another DNF this is getting ridicules.
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