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Normandy Warsop Trophy 09
Written by Manny Bernardez   
Saturday, 04 April 2009
Play WarsopFirst round of the all new South Eastern Enduro Combine Hare and Hounds Championships.

Like most riders if we were honest, the thought of riding Bagshot was not exactly inspiring. Personally the venue only holds bad luck and memories, weird thing being as a track, it possibly has everything you need to make an enjoyable and challenging event. Could Normandy MCC pull that balance off?

I picked up Jack in the morning, he was going to shoot some video for a college project and drove the relatively short distance for us to Bagshot.
After putting up the “Witley” gazebo Si and myself walked the first mile or so and noted down a few overtaking spots that might come in useful later.

During the 5 minute warm up I realised that I had left my goggles in the van, an oversight which would cost me later! The WR250F normally starts on the button, but not this time, leaving me to fight through from the mid pack which was fun, so no complaints. I settled in for the long haul as the plan was not to stop and see if I could do the event on just a tank full of petrol . The rear trials tyre had plenty of grip everywhere ( had not bothered changing it!!) And I couldn’t see any disadvantages riding at my level using it.
The track was flowing and fast with hard and easy routes both enjoyable, I didn’t realise how long some of the easy routes were until I tried to use them to cut in front of slower riders. It was much better to hang behind them and hope they wouldn’t get stuck.

On the third lap a stone hit me on the right eye, thrown up by a rider going up the loose stony hills, still sore and black now. Time was flying by and I really didn’t have a clue how much time was left when I went round a sweet bermed corner, gave it some gas and the bloody chain snapped, Bagshot strikes again! Luckily I was close to a marshal, I asked him how long of the race was left? 10 minutes.
I was determined to get a result even though I was going to miss the extra lap. I thought I’d done enough to at least score some points. After a long time fiddling with various split links supplied by marshals and Si, I found a combination that would fit my chain, I set off very slowly to finish the lap. Promptly scratching my eyeball on a gorse bush on my left eye….great! Looks like the drive home was going to be fun!

Brilliant event, wicked use of Bagshot, even looking forward to my next ride there next week. Everyone I spoke too enjoyed it. When the results were up and it showed me with a couple of laps missing! I still can’t knock it….cheers Normandy!!

Result = 17th

Choopy video play back? Right Click and "Save Link As"! Also check out the gallery for some photos from the event, email me if you need a copy.

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s robinson said:

i look forward to your helmet cams but to be honest your front mudgaurd isnt exactly what im hopeing to see most of the time,other than that your ridings pretty good,expat living normandy riding real enduro courses,!!!!, perhaps you might like to try some sometime
April 10, 2009

Manny Bernardez said:

Yep sorry about the low camera new crash helmet very hard to gauge the viewing angle.Will get it sorted for the next one smilies/grin.gif

There's a few people from my club that did some French rounds last year...so you never know!

cheers for the comment smilies/wink.gif
April 10, 2009

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