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PMCRC 5 Hour
Written by Manny Bernardez   
Wednesday, 13 January 2010

28th June 2009

It has been a while since I have written anything so here’s something that I did not get round to do last year. The story begins way back in 09, PMCRC were planning on doing a 5 hour team event and I had been looking for a Hare & Hounds event I could enter young Mat Price with. I was still kind of feeling a little guilty that my WRF’s hydraulic clutch had broken on him leaving him stranded after only doing half a lap of BXDE 08. Another reason for writing this is Mat has shattered his knee cap just before Christmas (nasty).

The 5 hour was the perfect event to enter together, PMCRC are a great club and Woodberry if dry (rarity) is not that technically challenging to novice riders and with a short course length you could not ask for a better combination, sent the regs off and prayed for a dry sunny day just for Mat’s sake.

Log PitThe June date come round quickly with the weather playing ball with hardly any rain that month, I was still surprised when arriving at Woodberry that the track was nearly completely dry. The first thing that caught my eye was some extreme bits that had been built, two new log stacks and a log pit. The log pit looked the hardest as the chopped logs moved about even when walking over them, sure was going to be interesting.

Swap TimeMet up with Mat and what looked like his whole family and we decided that it was better for me to start of first, do a hour each then swap and figure out the last hour later. Didn’t get a good start and slotted in fifth place, soon pushed my way to the front as people made mistakes or took wrong turns, near the end I got a little lost were some tape was down and lost a few places but hay it’s a five hour race. Fell off on the first log stack Mat Ridingwhen my handlebar clipped a branch that was poking out but made it past the rest of the obstacles. Three more laps later and with a 50% hit rate over the log pit I thought my hour must be up so headed into the pits to swap with Mat.

I must have pulled in a little early because Mat was not even fully kitted out and ready, after squeezing into my gloves he set off for his first stint. Mat riding the WRFMeanwhile I got myself a chair and settled down facing the action and generally chewing the curd with people, yep I could get used to this! After about half an hour I was getting a little concerned that Mat had not come round once yet, unless of course I had managed to miss him. Ten minutes later Mat appears in the pits looking completely knackered just having completed his first lap, now it was my turn to rush round to get my gear back on.

Log StackMy second stint was great loved the track and it was getting faster. This time I was going to do 5 laps before pulling in. I was still having problems with the log pit, I really need a set of longer legs it was just too easy to tip over, with the chicken route only adding less than 20 seconds to the lap time it was worth using it avoiding any energy zapping bike lifting. Handed over too Mat who did another lap quicker than his first one before we swapped back again.

Another 5 lap stint this time feeling slightly tired after a couple of laps, the track was getting a little rough in places still enjoyable to ride. I was just about to swipe my last lap in before going into the pits when the bike died running out of petrol, still impressive fuel economy from these 250F’s, I have probably saved myself £100 during the season if I were running a 2 stroke instead. I told Mat to keep ridding until the finish which he did, managing a couple of laps and just failing to get an extra lap in by a minute, I had a suspicion that this would have been his worst nightmare LoL.

Guess who been working hardOne of my favourite events of the year, fun fast track the usual relaxed atmosphere you get at PMCRC events and Mat was getting faster throughout the day. There were no results because the laptop went down but it did not realy matter, it was a good day out all round.

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