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SEEC Surrey Police MCC 09
Written by Manny Bernardez   
Saturday, 18 April 2009

SEEC Round 2

Back to good old Bagshot for the Surrey Pol time card Enduro, in-between Aldermaston Nomads held a 3 Stage Trial and a fire broke out, not only was Bagshot getting a fair bit of use but now slightly scorched. I wasn’t letting that put me off as I was determined to kick off for me (you can’t score points in your own round) SEEC 2009 season with a solid ride... let’s see how I got on.

Surrey Pol Part 1Surrey Pol Part 2Surrey Pol Part 3Manny Thumb
Disclaimer: Hills on this video appear smaller than the actually are.

First thing to do at a Surrey Pol event is go and walk the special test as they have a reputation for setting it out super tight and technical, Si and myself weren’t that surprised to find the that’s exactly what it was like, a natural mini extreme test, all off cambers very loose steep climbs and hardly any run ups, then we walked it again. Another reputation Surrey Pol has is they set check times tight which I like within reason, looking down the schedule list I could see that it was going to a hard days riding, with my group (Over 40) getting less time than the Clubman, maybe moving to the pipe and slippers brigade wasn’t the astute move after all for the easy life.

Set of on the first check (2 laps in 50 minutes) which is usually slack but I knew better and got the hammer on. Course was long and used most of the land available apart from a few fire roads you were either going up or down a hill, with all its resent use it was also very rough. There was a boggy bit that was already causing trouble and I couldn’t see it lasting too long before needing a re-route, got round it alright by making my own line. Come in on 2nd lap looked at the clock and only had 2 minutes left so went straight to the check point to wait it out.

Check 2 was 2 laps in 38 minutes so no time to hang about, unfortunately I couldn’t find any free space and was constantly riding in a group waiting for the right moment to attempt an overtake, brake free and quickly catch the next group. I wish people would move out of the way quickly like I do, what’s the point of holding someone up? When you should let them go and try and stay with them, maybe learn a few lines. Lost 4 minutes.

Check 3 was a slack one as we had to do our special test (2 laps 70 minutes). My test was a complete disaster, got the line wrong round a tree and couldn’t get round it wedging myself against another tree, stalled it got into a fluff and overshot most of the corners afterwards. If I done that on anyone’s else’s event I would have lost all interest just about then, but because the times were tight overall I knew there was a slim chance to score some points. Shredded round the remaining two laps very quickly because it felt good and come into the pits with a long wait for the check time. Don’t know why I did that, should have trail ridden round and reserved some energy but you know how it goes.

Check 4, 3 laps in 50 minutes another very tight check, with the long wait in the pits served no purpose other than let rigor mortis to set in. Shot of the check with determination but quickly become fatigued and went through a very bad ridding patch, didn’t think I was going to pull through it (usually don’t) but it did come back to me, just tried to smooth out and keep forward momentum to a maximum. I went through the time check not even looking at my time because it felt so slow, I was a bit surprised in the results to only have lost 3 minutes.

Check 5, 1 lap in 15 minutes…Yikes!! Just rode it home or should I say the bike bullied me around to another 6 minute time lost.

Very good event that’s the second Enduro at Bagshot in as many weeks that I’ve really enjoyed and I’m not just saying that because somehow I managed to get 3rd place, but it does make it sweeter….Thanks Surrey Pol.

Result = Third

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