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Tea 'Til Nearly Dark Round 1
Written by Manny Bernardez   
Friday, 12 June 2009

There’s nothing like taking the afternoon off from work to go racing. Team REME were organising a 3 event 2 hour Hare and Hound afternoon series called Tea ‘Til Nearly Dark, all were using Bagshot Test Track as the venue with proceeds going towards their ISDE fund.

After a very hard ride at Tilgate (waiting for results for report) and only 3 days to recover to say I was still “feeling it” is just a bit of an understatement, my calf’s and triceps still felt pumped and generally I was just worn down. A quick trip to the chemist to get some painkillers and a few hours later I felt at least I could sit on the bike without too much discomfort, did I mention my bum ached also?

JumpingJump 2
Simon Beken, Scottie Coombs and myself all arrived nearly at the same time, we headed off together to the signing on tent to look at the opposition listed on a sheet as there was no program available, looked on paper like REME had a good turnout for their efforts.

With the formalities over we walk the first mile or so of the track, if you ever go on a reconnaissance with Si and Scottie don’t bother as every corner is a matter for a long discussion, only kidding there were some good lines pointed out in-between my shouts of ‘come on’.

Bikes went through scrutineering and our start position was chosen carefully on the line up, Scottie and I choosing the inside line after originally putting our bikes on the outside because there was too many puddles to go through, as Si was on the front row he opted for the outside. Yet again the Vets had to line up behind the Clubman and the wide variety of riding talent that usually makes up that group, yes I’m still bitching about it lol.

My plan was to get a good start just so the camera could stay clean which I manage. The Yamaha WRF 250 clutch bite point was adjusted to far out for my small hands, I bought and fitted a new aftermarket perch and lever the previous day to replace the damaged one at Tilgate. I was thinking about stopping to adjust it but had the perfect opportunity after I stuffed it in some bushes, not seeing a rut when tailgating another rider. With the clutch to my liking it was time to settle down and pick my way back through the pack.

The lap was sort only taking me twelve and a half minutes to circulate, the best thing about it was once the field strung out it flowed well, a good mixture of single track, fire roads with a fun jump added to the mix. I was expecting some extreme bits just because the Army were organising it, but nope they seemed to not bother with the tuff stuff making it all that more enjoyable.

Time was flying by, not even having looked at the clock once before my punch card was taken from me at the finish, I was wondering why the rider that I followed for the last few miles was being so resistant for me to go past him (No 56 ), when I realised I shook his hand, all’s fair in love and war.

Thanks to Team REME for an enjoyable afternoons sport. Entry forms for Tea ‘Till Nearly Dark Round 2, 1st July are available HERE, take the afternoon off and get on your bike!

Result = 4th in Class, 28th Overall

Thanks to Al Cook (SoM) for reviewing my punch card. Only missed doing the extra lap by 10 seconds...must try harder next time or at least get a decent first lap in because at the moment they are costing me.

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Trev said:

Enjoyed your film and music, well done and thanks, brought back some memories !
June 13, 2009

Manny Bernardez said:

Thanks for the comment Trev..I'm doing a 5 hour 3 days before the next one, that's going to be interesting smilies/grin.gif
June 13, 2009

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