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Team REME 5 Hour Hare and Hounds
Written by Manny Bernardez   
Sunday, 18 January 2009
As I didn't fancy doing Ironman I roped Si Beken into being my team mate for the day that meant me moving to Expert for the event. The WRF was prepped the night before in the freezing cold, a second-hand CDI unit was exchanged to see if cured the intermittent running problem I've had since buying the bike, and the hydraulic clutch was reverted to good old cable, numbers put on and that's about it, couldn’t wash the bike as my hosepipe was frozen solid didn’t change the rear trials tyres which has been on since the Natterjack… to bloody cold!!

Watched Si get a good start and we agreed to do 2 laps and change, with anything from 50 minutes to a hour wait I went off and got myself a cup of tea and chatted to a few people. Took a walk to the transponder tent and waited to see how long Si was taking to do a lap... and waited.... and waited, he only pulled into the pits on the first lap with front fork problems by the time I got back to the pits he was just about to leave loosing 6 minutes.

Si picked up the pace and was doing consistent 26 minute laps, after we made our first change I quickly found how slippery it was when I fell off going down the first hill, the ground was still frozen, well I got the chunking it down the track out of the way, stayed on for the rest of the day. My lap times were consistent in the 29 minute range which felt comfortable and really didn't want to push any harder...it's for fun right?

Our target was the Benham's who were 6 minutes + ahead after the first lap, with Malcom helping out with rapid transponder swaps we were eating into their advantage thought out the day getting it down to about 4 minutes at one stage, as the Benham's were doing 3 laps and in a much better tactic saving themselves a couple of pit stops over us during the 5 hours, we weren't doing too bad.

Malcom calculated we would be able to do no more than 11 laps and I would be doing the last lap, which seemed a bit stupid as Simon should have stayed out for an extra lap and make every second count. We made the last rider change and I set of like a scolded cat, boy was the last lap busy plenty of overtaking to do some was a bit harsh but nobody went down. It was during one of these maneuvers up a hill I tried to straight line a corner and found myself going into a 3ft deep trench (the army type). Took lots of energy to push the bike round the square corners past a tree that grown in the middle until I reached the end a bank that I could climb out off, net result I was 4 minutes slower than the rest of my laps which put us even further down the running order.

Brilliant course some monster hills bits I never ridden on before and of course organization was spot on...top fun!! Oh yeah the WRF run fine all day but it never got wet so case left open on running problem.

Result = 17th
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