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Boxing Day Enduro 2008
Written by Manny Bernardez   
Monday, 12 January 2009

Secretary of the Meeting? I must have been having a brain seizure when I volunteered for that one so my mother reckoned, you see she still comes round most nights to bring me my dinner, bless her, and for the last couple of months my dinner table has been my computer desk as I was constantly working on entries or trying to get the riders list and result table to format properly often frustrated and left to sleep on it waiting for that lightning bolt to strike, boy do I hate JavaScript with a passion now but getting better at it. I was a bit disappointed that the online entry form could not be used because a PayPal account could not be opened, maybe one for next year.

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Boxing Day arrived quickly for me having spent the early hours of the morning stuffing rider’s numbers into corresponding entry sleeves, there was little point in going to sleep so I waited patiently for the clock to hit 5.30 before picking up Mark Begbie and heading off to Normandy and help Shaun Smith hitch up Witley’s new trailer. As usual there was plenty of work to do at the venue as banners, tape and flags got dislodged by the elements since setting up on Christmas Eve. By the time we got the gazebos set up there was already an constant stream of competitors filling up the car park, my WRF was fuelled up and ready to be given to Mat one of the Youth competitors just in case he needed to use it, him having had trouble with his CR80. Signing on was a blur mathematically we had only 28 seconds to process each rider before the 10.30 deadline, we easily achieved this by having plenty of willing helpers (thanks Stabby, Mark, Jo, Dave and Barry), I took this opportunity to take some video of the start as the rush for the signing on tent had died down then taking station at the punch check for most of the day. Time just seem to fly by with a constant streams of dramas, at one point I thought the race would have to be stopped due to both ambulances having to leave though this never materialized, Mat also come back with my bike which broken down on him..Sorry mate!

Simon Beken came back mind race distance having been a very busy marshal so I could mount my helmet cam for him to do a lap. With 10 minutes before the end of the event I could not believe my eyes when the clock started to blink as the batteries were drained faster than usual by the cold, the same thing happened to my laptop batteries as they only lasted half the time I usually expect to get out of them, pity as I was going to do a timestamp as the riders finished and would have slashed the time doing the results by half. Mark and I got back to my house and immediately started on the results by 9pm we had them done just a matter of updating the database and let a few MySQL queries sort out the order, we were both mentally tired by then the rush of the day quickly disappearing.

What a brilliant day lots of work but felt satisfied that we did a good job. Thanks to all helpers another professional run Boxing Day Enduro.
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KTM125Go said:

Nice write up and videos looking forward to next year
January 18, 2009

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