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Helmet Cameras Part 2
Written by Manny   
Friday, 25 January 2008

After a couple of weeks reading reviews and visiting forums into which helmet camera and lens would be the most suitable to get a decent looking video I settled for a Pro 520 Essentials kit with suction mount from www.dogcamsport.co.uk, also on my shopping list were 8 X Vapextech AA 2700mAh rechargeable batteries which will run the camera for 10 to 12 hours, like anything else on the internet when buying and not sure if you are dealing with a reputable company I will send them a email with a few questions on the product, if I do not receive a prompt reply walk away it's not worth the risk.

Cancorder Battery

While I was awaiting delivery I was already searching eBay for a suitable Mini-DV camcorder, I settled on the camcorder route because I wanted to use it for other things and not go for something more single purposed. Now I’ve got a love hate relationship with eBay, there’s less sharks around Australia than in eBay and to make things worse I wanted the camera to be second hand just in case I fell off and trashed it so into the auction minefield I went. First thing you will notice with your average ebayer is description is not always a forte and even worse a wrong description is the norm with second-hand electrical goods, now I was looking for a camcorder with AV/In & Out but camcorder after camcorder described with AV/In Out after carefull double checking with the manufactures spec sheets only had a Out which would have been completely useless for a helmet camera, you can use this list here I would still cross reference with the manufacturer, after a few lost auctions where camcorders were going for silly money I finally won a Panasonic NV-GS50 still in original box with everything it come with plus extra battery, carry bag and four new tapes all for £110, Bargain!.

When the parcels arrived it was time to work out how all this wiring was going to fit together, first thing to figure out was how do I get the camcorder to record using the AV/In socket, following the instruction manual I hooked everything together turned the camcorder to VCR mode and got the most screeching backfeed sound since I went to see Metallica, hmm not good, after a while I figured out that turning the volume right down on the camcorder the backfeed would go away and because it was just playback volume it did not effect the microphone from the helmet camera, next little problem was to record I had to use the camcorders remote control and hit two buttons close together simultaneously not exactly user friendly when you are wearing gloves, with hindsight I should have gone with a Sony camcorder with LANC (Local Application Control Bus System) this would have made turning the camera on and off while riding possible, instead I just leaving it running and hope I have 5 minutes in-between checks to put a fresh tape in and start the camcorder again. Any question please use the forum.

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