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Inter Center Enduro Saturday
Written by Manny Bernardez   
Wednesday, 30 January 2008
Drove straight down to the Eelmoor test track as instructed at Thursdays club night to find the gate locked, was just about to turn round when Ted Smith (Kingston club) turned up behind me with a key, Dave Chiverton ( Clerk of the Course) also made a appearance riding his Gas Gas which was a bit of luck as I had no idea how to get to the Witley check and he offered to show me the way, I was doing a fair imitation of Sebastien Loeb down a gravel fire road when we meet a group of riders coming in the opposite direction, Dave stopped suddenly and I skidded the car about a inch from his right leg which he failed to even notice, we finally got to a opening on top of a hill with a couple of vans parked this was going to be Witley’s HQ for the following day.


Meet up with Stabby, Ian and the lads and we soon had a plan, as I was the only one without a bike Ian and I would start on foot from Kingston finishing line and start marking the course while the people on bikes would just stick a few arrows pointing in the general direction of travel, well after 2 hours and only a mile or so done we had managed to do a small loop back to the vans, time for different tactics. Plan B left me on foot by myself and just filling up the gaps with arrows and snapping low branches out of the way the usual stuff, soon enough I caught up with the bikes who were having the customary discussion on were to go next or this way better than that one, far too much thinking going on as we wanted to make the best use possible with what we had. Bumped into Shaun Smith driving around in his 4x4 and didn’t need a second invitation to jump in and cruise around in style, Shaun was getting more and more adventures where he could drive his big Jap 4x4 on normal treaded tyres, diving into the numerous large puddles at speed to see how high the resulting bow wave would be proved to be popular diversion but to give him credit we never actually got stuck. By about half three most of our section was done and I left because there was not a lot I could do without riding a bike.

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