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Pepperami, The making of an animal Part 2
Written by Tony Woolmore   
Monday, 14 December 2009

Part 2 subtitled (What an old nail)

I got home from Tunstall and to say i was a little dissapointed would be an understatement. I'm still stewing over the fact that i didn't go home and get the Husky. So my mind was made up, a full rebuild it was going to be.

Here it is.

The catalogue of disasters begins!!! It really wasn't in the best condition and had obviously had a very hard life. I stripped it down and decided to get the frame and swingarm powdercoated. At this stage I snapped two engine mounting bolts, In the frame. I am now proficient in the use of a drill and easy outs. I threaded the steering stem, Dont ask me how i'm still very embarrassed about it. Lets just say it involved a FBH and leave it at that. Checked with my local Yamaha dealer as to how much a new one would be........£406 + vat
So a second hand one it had to be as it would have cost me nearly as much as the bike.
I found one off a 97 YZ250 and it fitted but then my forks didn't. I then bought a set of 97 YZ 250 forks, they fit but then my spindle wouldn't fit. I then bought a spindle and yes you guessed it my wheel wouldn't fit.

Frame back from powder coating.

The list of new parts was this
Every bearing and bush replaced.
Steering stem, forks, spindle.
Pro series Boysene reed.
air filter.
It was at this point my wife commented on the fact that she thought i was buying a new bike, just bit by bit.
The wheels.

Good news bad news with these really. They were the wrong wheels it took me bleedin days to work out what was wrong with them and it was that they were off of later model. So the good news... The front fitted because of the later front end i had fitted. The rear wouldnt fit so i had to buy a new rear hub and have just had it re laced.

The engine
I filled it with oil and it was dripping oil from the sump plug so I just tweeked it up a little. Pulling the thread out of the sump DOH! This turned out to be good news really. Earlier i had bought a spare knackered engine which i was going to rebuild and keep as a spare. So off to my mechanic to strip both engines down and build one good one. Then the dreaded phone call. "Tony the top end has gone and so has the bottom end, The piston has at some point seized in the bore and when you rode it did you get it in top"? "No i didn't" "No you wouldn't have the gear box is knackered". That was that he swapped crankcases and gearboxes. Replaced top and bottom ends, piston, oil seals well everything really. It was starting to come together now.

Can you believe i tried starting it in this position? No don't answer that. Can you guess what happened? Yes you got it it fell off the stand. I managed to save it but i was stuck, the stand had fallen over and i had nowhere to put it. I had to wait ages for my wife to come back from the shop to put the stand under it. I was left carrying it and just let out a little help! when she returned.
To get my bike up on wheels i had to trial fit everything. All i needed was a new bleed valve to stop the forks squirting oil all over me. My mechanic sold me one and i had these words ringing in my ears as i left. "Tony just finger tight the nip up because i know how you like to break things". Yes yes yes i snapped it in the top of the forks. I couldn't screw it out so i screwed it in to the fork, just as well they needed rebuilding.

Getting there

The forks, front brake and rear wheel have now been rebuilt and i pick them up on Wednesday 16th December and barring a little mishaps i will be looking to test ride it on Sunday. I will let you know how it goes.

BTW anyone want some help working on their bike

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Manny Bernardez said:

Another good read Tony smilies/cool.gif..funny enough I made all the wrong choices too well I started out years ago, in my case a 250 1986 Maico 250 from Loot free ads (is that still going?) ..YEP!! you live & learn, well most of the time. smilies/grin.gif
December 16, 2009

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