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Pepperami, The making of an animal.
Written by Tony Woolmore   
Sunday, 13 December 2009

Subtitled - Not the sharpest tool in the box.

I have decided to start a blog just to let everyone know that it doesn't matter how stupid you are you will get there in the end. I hope this might give you some hope when it all goes (wrong) you know what i mean. As the comedy of errors unfolds you may feel things aren't all that bad.

Why Pepperami?
I bought a Vw camper and decided to name it Pepperami as i wanted to make it a little bit spicy. On the VW forum at meets and camping the name has stuck.
Big alloys, lower suspension 2.2 ltr Subaru engine that is another comedy of errors best left.
This is how i have been getting back into it, I hope you enjoy and it gives a little hope.

I have been riding bikes since I was eleven on and off but never got round to racing. In recent years i was riding Suzuki TL1000R's and built a really nice one which i crashed in the bombhole at Snetterton. So i bought another and made one really special one out of the two. I didn't enjoy riding on the road after doing track days so it sat in the garage for a couple of years just being polished.

I decided to get rid of the lot on the bay of fleas and within 24 hours i had a big wedge of cash burning a hole in my pocket.
Now being a big rufty tufty biker boy I thought about what bike would be best for me. I was used to a big heavy bike with loads of grunt so i bought this A HUSKY 610!!!!!!!!!!!!

I bought a tow bar and a bike rack and some riding kit and i was off! Well not quite I lifted my bike on to the bike rack for a trail fit. We went round the town and i thought it was going to have the rear window in. At this point i wasn't too happy so my wife and i tried to take it off of the rack. After about 30 minutes of trying to get it off with the sun burning down on us and sweating like a race horse a passing motorist took pity on us and helped us lift it off. It never went back on there. I bought the trailer you see in the pic.

My first day on track......Chippenham.
We set off on the Saturday and camped over.

There where a couple of families camping as well and we got chatting and got some advice and we had a very pleasant evening. I got to walk the track and was shown all the right lines and bits to be careful of..............By two 10 year olds. On the day i decided to wear a high viz vest - more for everyone elses safety and to let them know i might take a few alternative lines. Filled her up with fuel! Well after one lap i had to stop and rest!!!!!! I was knackered. Fortunately as the day went on i was getting faster. That 20+ ltrs of fuel could have been a mistake.

Last minute advice

Getting started.
Back to the high viz. Some mongtard decided to try and take me on the inside on a left hander and ended up in a ditch. Oh well never mind but the two guys we had been camping with decided to try and help him out and one of them chopped the top of his finger off. A trip to hospital and they wanted to amputate it there and then. He signed himself out of hospital because he had to get his son back to North oxfordshire and then on to Yorkshire.
It was all in all a good experience but i was finding the Husky a little heavy.

Second trip out - Essex mx
Again we stopped over on the Satuday night but no one else was there we we're all alone. Sunday arrives and i'm ready to go. Warm up lap nice and easy. Got to the last jump on the first lap by the spectator area, a tabletop AND flipped it I managed to get it started for the end of the session

Just a couple of pics of Essex mx it was a good day, very hot and i was lucky enough to be fed lots and lots of roost. I'm not too sure if it is the usual but if you are new do other riders come up on the inside and as they get to your front wheel open it up. Their rear wheel then slides and knocks out your front. Strange ritual this. When i'm fitter and get better i will go back and return the compliment. When i looked at the last guy to do this to me he was a porky bald old git and what did he do? he poked his tongue out at me

Third trip out - Enduroland Hockliffe
As usual we rolled up on the Saturday to camp over. We set up camp cracked open a beer and team gasgas pulled up next to us. For those that don't know them they are a group of South African expats. Lots of beer, BBQ and a late night. Just what you need What a great bunch of guys though we had a great time. During the night we hatched plans of swapping bikes and trying each others. On the day no one wanted to ride the Husky, I wonder why? I did get to have a go one a gasgas 200, WOW what a difference it was like riding thin air after the Husky. I did manage to put it in a bramble bush though (Sorry).
Starting to have fun

Testing the Gasgas 200
What can i say about Hockliffe? I had a great day but being kept waiting at the start the Husky started boiling over so i switched it off. It was a total bugger and didn't want to start again. The weight came into play as well, having to keep picking it up was a nightmare. At one point going over roots with a big rut it stalled, i put my foot down and sank. I ended upside down in a muddy ditch with the fat b'stard on top of me. I stalled it in a ditch and couldn't get it started even with a succession of South Africans stopping and having a go. The wierdest one though was the first fall. Though some mud over a root over a piece of plywood
Like bleedin ice it was.
On the way home we stopped at Newmarket services. I got out and felt like i had a groin strain. As i got back in the bus every time in put my foot on the clutch i got really really bad cramp It must of taken me 30 minutes to walk it off around the garage forecourt.

And all this is just since April!

OOPS! This was a little mistake of mine i was watching a bike on flea bay, I was pissed and decided to see what other people had bid. And you guessed it i won So a few excuses to the wife and we made the trek up to Lincolnshire. It didn't look too bad at first glance! He took me to a local disused air field to try it. He explained it likes to be opened up straight away and i was off on my 300 yrd test ride. Lifted in every gear,light and i thought Jobs a goodun put some new tyres on it and thought i'm ready to race

First ever race - Tunstall H&H
As usual we arrived on the Saturday to camp over. All alone in a HUGE field marvellous.
Big panic, the fork seals had blown on the way spraying oil all over the back of the van. Should we go back and get the Husky???? Tell ya later. I went around asking loads of questions on the morning trying to find out what to do. I cleaned the forks and took it to scrutineering. It went though, YEEHAAA! Took it up to the start line and left it. Riders briefing up to warm it up.
Well i was in the novice group only 11 of us and i went to start my bike and it wouldn't start. Looking at the bike and the mixture screw was missing. I found it. It was nearer the front wheel than it was to the carb. I basically chucked it back in got it going and started.
The start
Just going.
Well i got just around the corner and it died. Even a lad that was probably old enough to be my grand son these days couldn't get it started. The first lap was torture i had to rev the nuts off of it just to keep it running. In the tight bits my forearms were pumping up and it kept stalling. So eventually I completed a lap and pulled into the pits. I tried everything to get it running and when it did i was off again. BUT!!! half way round it did die and i had to push it 2.5 miles back to the pits and yes it was warm.
HINDSIGHT! isn't it a wonderful thing the Husky would have been perfect for this race....DOH!

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Manny Bernardez said:

Woohoo!!! My first blogging customer..great write up and story smilies/grin.gif
December 13, 2009

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