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Normandy SEEC H&H Rd1
Written by Manny Bernardez   
Saturday, 23 April 2011
Play ButtonThis little story starts pre-race on the way to pick up Si, who due to a neck injury was going to help at the event. Rounding a blind corner I am confronted with a woman in her late 20’s maybe early 30’s (bloody hard to tell) sitting in the middle of the road, bare footed and looking slightly distressed. She gets up (obviously I have stopped) goes straight to the passenger door and gets in, sliding all the way up the bench seat right next to me, starts going on about how she just climbed over a fence (points to fence and shows me scratches on arms) and other incoherent nonsense (yep drunk as a skunk). One second giggling next all distressed and tearful, one thing that was consistent she started or finished every sentence by calling me “babe” and was stroking my leg and a little higher all the time.

I asked her where she was going, “Anywhere you’re going, babe” Sorry cannot do that pointing to bike in the back and explaining where I was going. She then asked me if I could drop her of in Brixton, she would “see me alright” (even more fondling and moving closer to me), which was way out of my way, again explaining no can do. She then insinuated that she would cry rape to the police and taking her to Wimbledon would do, well I was not having that so stopped the van and told her to get out. More tears, leg stroking, and “babes” trying to retract her previous statement, next minute goes giggly and shows me her bobs.

Simon was waiting by the main road with coffees in hand and could not quite make out the situation, don’t think it took him that long to realise he was sitting next to a blonde, drunk, psycho nymph LoL. I gave her the options of taking her to the train station or police station (Epsom police station is actually closed but she did not know that), she choose the former but had no money. I gave her £20 outside the station just to get rid of her but she wanted another £5 for a coffee? WTF the train fare is only £8 max, which I tried to explain to her..She was last seen harassing another passer-by while we made our escape.

Right, with that little lot out of the way better keep my event summary short. No need to explain the first lap as you can just watch the video, only thing to add is when following people the dust was nasty if you wear safety specs instead of goggles. I tried wearing goggles again at the last event and just hated them, hot, claustrophobic and the peripheral vision of a letterbox, discarding them after two laps, rather suffer the temporary blindness.

Lap 2 was a complete disaster bike just kept stalling, once in front of Erika over the log, every time more riders would go pass which is annoying to say the least, eating more dust. Had to resort to upping the tick-over right up which always makes it hang for a few seconds when chopping the throttle, making every corner a clutch in affair, beats all the blipping I normally have to do. The track was fun to ride; flowed really well with some nice berms developing, the hill climbs were long, rooty and powdery which caught the chap I was following out, ramming his bike as he ground to a sudden stop, he got going but I was forced to turn round and try again…thanks pal!

I had no problem finding a good steady rhythm, essential when you are unfit because I did find the track tiring, none the less was making good progress.Some of the fast bits started to get very choppy and had the Yam tying itself in knots. The race leaders, Paul Merriman and Dan Lawry just lapped me when the engine started to make some weird grinding noises, I slowed right down to a low constant throttle, and I could see the chain jumping about…not good. I followed the course back because I was very close to the check and parked it in the pits, the clock showed just over an hour left to run with 8 laps completed. When the 3 hours where up I rode into the check to get a finish.

My lap times, taken from the camera in minutes & seconds:
13:42, 16:08 (disaster), 13:15, 13:31, 13:19, 13:47, 13:13, 13:21 (into pit lap) happy with the consistency.

Result: 4th in VetB out of only 5 starters and one was a late entry.

Thanks to Team Snapper for the pics, Normandy MCC for a well run event and cracking little course. I was disappointed for Normandy that the turnout was so small, just does not justify the effort they put into it.

Next ride if I get the bike fixed is PMCRC Major Hadley Rd2 Sunday 8th May.

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Rich T said:

Thats a great story and reminds me of how i met Kaka (only joking) lol.

so what is wrong with bike then ??
April 26, 2011

Manny said:


Ordered some bits from the States..which reminds me to update the 'Shopping Darlings!?' thread, I was reluctant to take it apart before sourcing a 83mm big bore head gasket so no idea what the problem is, just covered the bases, new crank, bearings, gaskets and seals, oh and one of those valve shim kits, all for the same money of a UK sourced crank..bargain. I do all the spannering myself, can't wait to get in there smilies/grin.gif
April 26, 2011

Manny said:

Update...just got the parts today, taken engine apart and found a little play in the big end bearing..diagnosed correctly for a change smilies/cool.gif
May 13, 2011

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