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TBEC Hockliffe 2010
Written by Tony Woolmore   
Monday, 18 October 2010
10th October

HockliffeIt was a cold morning but it was going to be good for racing. My new bike on the line I was ready to go. At 10.32 am it started first time and away I went. The first section was open field with some corners thrown in for good measure. The wet grass was like riding on ice. On to a twisty mound and around a bush and oh! Logs! Straighten it up and no problem and then some more logs. It was then into the wood, this was really tight single track with lots of roots and bogs. The worst part was the bottle neck a tree to the left and big root to the right. Exiting the woods was through a sloppy ditch and then 3 or 4 jumps but these were to muddy for me to jump. Another open field followed this with a couple of bogs, jumps and ditches. Then on to the main event. Round a big bush to slow things down and a up hill bog, it was a little sloppy! At the top was a twisty up and down over a rubble mound section. Then the big one the down hill bog. This was really marshy with two ditches which were errrrr wet! The rest of the course was fairly open with lots of mud. It was a fairly a challenging course of about 4.5km.

My race

HockliffeAs I have already mentioned my bike started first kick which made a refreshing change, on my first lap I like to take it fairly easy so it was steady away. It was slippy in the field but I just about managed to keep it going in the right direction although it was crossing over itself a bit. The logs were a little surprise as I hadn't seen them the day before but weren't a problem. Through the woods my bike kept stalling this just reminded me of my first ever race I was revving and clutching just to keep it going. This was causing my forearms to pump a little. Stalling in the wood wasn't good, I think it was on my third lap I thought iv'e got to sort this and pushed it to the side as best I could. I was going to turn up the tick over but as I looked down the choke was still on.....DOH! The only real upside to this was that the bike always started first kick not wasting too much energy and time and my second lap was my fastest of the whole race. The jumps out of the wood were very sloppy and I didn't push over these. I nearly ended up over the handlebars in one boggy ditch but survived that. I fell at the top of the up hill bog as one second my bike was there and then it wasn't. In the second session my front wheel hit the second ditch and that was it. It stopped, sunk to the axle and I fell. With help from a marshall I got it out and carried on.

HockfieldOverall I was really pleased. The bike is awesome! Light, easy to start, easy to pull around and powerful enough for me an inspired choice if I do say so myself. I was the only let down of the day really as my fitness sucked. I had to stop after 3 and half hours as I was just hanging on. It was my first time riding this bike and the first time riding a bike since August and even then mechanical woes cut that short. In total 16 laps, I thought I was going really slowly. Well even for me but when you look at the times I was only going 1.5 mins slower from my fastest to my slowest lap. Dont trust your butt feeling especially if it hasn't got any skin on it OUCH! Well thats another 171 pts towards the championship.

I'm really looking forward to Rendlesham on the 7th November as I will be able to measure against my first TBEC race there in Feb.

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