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TBEC Rendlesham Forest 2010
Written by Tony Woolmore   
Wednesday, 03 March 2010

My first season 2010

I thought I would put my first ever season of hare and hounds into words and pictures.

The championship
The first thing i did was look for a championship that would be do able. I found The Trail Bike and Enduro club (TBEC) all of their races are within a reasonable distance from home and the main ethos for the club is to have fun and not be too competative. Meeting loads of people at my first race weekend I think I have made the right decision, There are some really good, friendly people always ready to give advice and help out.

The man
Now anybody reading this must understand that I'm no spring chicken. Being 45 year old who smokes, drinks and eats too much, I haven't had too much exercise in the last few years.

The bike
As you may have read already I have restored a 1996 Yamaha WR250. That will be my steed for the season.

Round one, Rendlesham Forest

The weekend
We arrived at the campsite early on the Friday afternoon and straight away sunk in the mud, up to the sump. I took me over an hour to get out. In the end having to use the jack, a piece of board and some bricks to free it up. Not a good start and I was not happy, in fact I was ready to go home.
On the Saturday I met up with a few of the members and got a lift to the forest to help set up the course. At first glance on the sections we set up it didn't look too hard. It did turn out to be alot harder than my first impression. It was a proper tight forest race which I found quite hard going.

The race
The start was a bit of a cock up as the ambulances were late. I wasn't too sure when to start my bike. I'm still having problems starting it without a stand from cold. When I thought it was my rows turn to start I started the bike and was promptly shouted at and told to switch it off. By this time I had thrown my stand so had problems getting it going again. It wasn't too much of a problem as you don't start the timer until you are ready to go. It was confusing though.

My first lap was completed in 54.22 mins I took it quite easy as i had to run my bike in and see the lay of the land. Funny bit. Coming over a brow of a small hill and seeing a pit full of water and mud, I stopped and looked around for the easy route. This was the only route! So I had to just gun it.

My second lap was completed in 57.53 mins I rode this lap a lot quicker but crashed quite a bit. Twice the front just wiped out and once a tree jumped out in front of me (those new hand guards came in handy) Funny bit. I missed the turn for the easy route I couldn't reverse my bike back up so had to go for it. Down into a dell over a log,tight right turn through some mud (which i messed up a little so I had to make a standing start to get up the hill out) but I survived.

My third lap was completed in 1.19.46 mins. This included a lengthy pit stop as I knew I could only complete one more lap. The funny bit. I was riding along a straight and felt a huge bang. I pulled over and turned round and saw some pillock on a Husky in a pile on the floor. He just rode straight into the back of me I waited to see if he got up ok and i just carried on.

Well what can I say! The results have been released and the reality of how slow i was, has hit home I finished 126/138 overall and 65/73 in class. I completed 3 laps in 3 1/2 hours my main goal was just to finish, which i did but i would have liked to have finished higher in the results. My goal for the season is to finish in the top 30 in class.

The bike ran fine but I will need to look at the gearing as I had to clutch it alot and stalled quite a bit too. At present I'm running 14/48. It's possibly not the best bike for such a tight course. Preparations are going well for my next race although after jet washing the bike i found the spark plug had come loose this resulted in the bike being a pig to start.

I hope you enjoyed reading this and I will update after each race throughout the season. Hopefully we will see some progress.

Heres looking forward to Stourport on Severn on the 14 March.

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Manny Bernardez said:

I can't wait to kick off this years riding, my favourite type of riding is heavily forested tight single track like you rode at Rendesham...just a tiny bit jealous smilies/grin.gif
March 03, 2010

Tony Woolmore said:

we do it all again in November smilies/wink.gif
March 05, 2010

Manny Bernardez said:

very tempted! smilies/wink.gif
March 05, 2010

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