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TBEC Riverhill Kent 2010
Written by Tony Woolmore   
Saturday, 15 May 2010

Well what can I say about this one?

We arrived early on Saturday morning as we didn't want to hit the M25 Friday night traffic. I helped set up the course as usual and it looked fairly interesting in the woods. Perhaps a little too much open field for my 13/52 sprocket combination.

Race day arrived and the bike went straight through scrutineering and on to the line. I had a hearty breakfast of Alpen and honey and Michelle went to help sign in the all of the day riders. I was on row 2 this time which makes a nice change to row 9+. After a little delay waiting for the ambulances to arrive we were off. The first part was around a field with a left into what can only be called two whoops, so I thought lift the front wheel over and jobs a goodun. Now I mentioned earlier about my 13/52 sprocket combo, well the front wheel lifted and flipped me straight off the back! I quickly picked myself up and carried on. The first section was all open fields with a few jumps and drop off's in the last field before entering the woods. The woods were fairly tight in places with lots of short sharp climbs and drop downs, this was where my gearing choice came into it's own. It was like riding a four banger trials bike, it was great! Then out of the woods into open fields again down hill to the start/finish.

Only one problem before that was I crashed again! About two nano seconds after this picture was taken.

The front just wiped out. I went into the pits to straighten my front brake lever as I had no front brake.

The rest of the first session was fairly uneventful I just tried to be steady, stay on and be consistent.

I did stall and waiver a little on the first laps but on my last lap of the first session going through a tight off camber section a rider tried to overtake where there was no room to do so. He knocked me straight into a tree and I fell off. He just smiled, shouted something and I pointed to his number. Luckily for me a rider stopped to help #809 (cheers mate) I got going again and finished the first session within time.

On the start line I checked my rear fender and it was just hanging by one bolt so when Roy turned up with a club hammer I sorted it out, much to the amusement of the guys behind me. The second session started and in my tiny little brain I thought it will start fine so I didn't use my triangle stand. Huge mistake!!! I couldn't get it started and the side stand was bending. I pushed it through the timing pods and continued to try starting it. Luckily Roy held the bike and I started it.

The rest of the second session passed with no drama, no stalling, no crashing just a really good steady ride.

Funny bits were when Michelle was helping sign in day riders and give out numbers when she piped up “ we have run out of number nines”. It appears they had loads of number sixes.


Overall I'm extremely happy with the way things are going, the bike was brilliant and I felt I was getting loads better. I need to work on corners (that's just confidence) and riding in a rut.

Every race I set myself little goals and targets of people to beat (they are secret). I have passed all of them in this race. Happy days! In the next I have several goals and #166 is one of them.




Unfortunately this is what my bike looks like now but it will be totally sorted.

Really looking forward to Newfields Notts.

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Manny said:

By the time my report comes out my outlook will have changed...rose-tinted glasses on smilies/grin.gif
May 20, 2010

Pepperami said:

It was my best race so far! So it's a fairly happy reportsmilies/wink.gif
May 20, 2010

Manny said:

We like up-beat ride reports...happy, happy, happy!! smilies/grin.gif
May 20, 2010

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