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TBEC Washbrook Farm 2010
Written by Tony Woolmore   
Friday, 17 September 2010
18th July 2010

Washbrook FarmIt was warm but very windy. The track was mainly open fields, MX track and a couple of small wooded parts. I had my helmet cam on, hired from Imagemx for £20, which is amazing value for 4 hours coverage.

At the start I took my first lap nice and easy as always but I was having problems mentally, I just couldn't get my head into it and kept telling myself to come on. The first section led to the MX track which was cracking – nice and wide with some good built up corners. This came to the first field section, I was just getting it all wrong, braking too early, straightening it up before opening it up. My head just wasn't in it!

We then came onto the MX track for a second time which included their big jump. Then back out onto the open fields – I found these uninspiring and continued to have trouble on them. The last two sections were a small wood section and then onto the kids MX track.

On my second lap I crashed on the approach to the wooded section. In a straight line the front just wiped out this isn't the first time this has happened as I did exactly the same at Riverhill. By the halfway point I had completed 5 laps. I wasn't overly happy with this so went into the second half with a new (and improved) frame of mind.

My first lap of the second session was my fastest lap. Starting my second I went intoa corner and the bike just stopped. I thought it had seized – I looked down and my skid plate was covered in oil. That was my day.

Unfortunately for me I am a numpty and had just entered the corner in the wrong gear and stalled it but a crankcase gasket had gone so saved the bike for another day.


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