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PMCRC Round 4
Written by Richard Troth   
Wednesday, 08 September 2010

PMCRC Enduro5th September 2010. After my outing at Slab Common I came away with some great experience in not only bike control but how important preparation is before an event esp the nutritional side, so I had no excuses not to be able to finish the event which is my game plan.

Erika and I arrive very early (as always lol), have a quick chat with Sue and Shane and then unload the new bike (HusabergFE390), I had had some porridge and fruit at 0630am then at 0930am I had some muesli and banana and 10 minutes before start I had a CNP Pro Energy Bar.

The venue was filling up quite quickly and my neighbours for the day were Rich (The Bear) Gunner and his posse, Stuart (What Logs) Smith and Chris (Mad as a Box of Frogs) Stainger of all I owe a lot of thanx to in helping me learn the ropes of this enduro game.

Erika was getting her kit out (ooh er madam lol) (Camera Kit).

Bike scrutineered and me all prepped its off to the start.

Shane announced they had a problem with timing system so punch cards were handed out and used.

The Start ...What a bloody nightmare that was, I was alongside my pal Pete Reynolds and Stewart Churchyard and I stalled and got in a right panic and could not get it going... I sort of had this apparition of Chris Stainger saying " you are such a plonker Mr T" lol... anyway there was 5 of us at the back of Sportsman class but at least I was up and running, I really struggled to pass anyone on the first lap as it was very much follow my leader, when it came to the "Extreme Route" (Log Pit) or "Easy Route" (Long way round) I opted for extreme as was so far behind others in my class that I thought it might help me gain some seconds back and I sailed over the log pit to my surprise and it did make me smile hearing Erika's voice cheering me on, it was like my very own cheerleader although I thought the PomPoms were a bit distracting for the other riders lol.

I kept plodding on and passing the odd rider here and there and did six laps without stumbling at the log pit although lap 7 I toppled over and needed a spectator to assist getting my bike off me, but for rest of event I completed the log pit, I fell off only once which was in the woods after front wheel slid along a root, which for me was brilliant as usually fall off twice a lap, I also stalled the bike three times (Log Pit/Ditch/Log) which again I usually stall many times so was well happy. I stopped for fuel, wee and a sandwich at the nearly 2 hours mark, I know I am physically fit but I seemed to have so much energy and my lap times were noticeably getting faster and faster as the event went on, and the bike was awesome and it really likes me and I like him (yes him not a her)(The Husky was a her and it did not work out lol). It was nice when my bud Rich "The Bear" Gunner passed me and shouted encouragement to me, on that note I would like to say how polite all riders were in passing us Sportsman and especially Alistair Gilmour who is such a gent on the circuit and makes sure he thanks you with a shout, foot-wave or a hand-wave...Top Man.

On my 10th lap Chris Stainger passed me and slowed down and ushered me back past and pushed me from behind which made me ride a bit faster and harder and pushed me to my limit which was fantastic and my last 2 laps were by far my quickest so thank you Chris ... He told me afterwards he had problems with his bike and that his race was sort of over, so when he passed me he thought a bit of one to one would help me... and it did.

I did a total of 12 laps and HONESTLY I could have kept going and felt so energetic at the end, had a great day and yet again I learned so much and the bike was awesome, Erika had a good day taking photos with some awesome shots

It was also great to meet and chat to Neil Houghton, and as always Pete Reynolds and Lee Whitcombe kept me amused with their banter and laid back characters.


And finally thanks to PMCRC for putting together another great event.

Rich T
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Rich T said:

Seen the results now and got a 5th place...... have big cheeky grin now lol
September 09, 2010

Erika said:

I just looked and your showing as being 4th Mr ? smilies/grin.gifsmilies/grin.gifsmilies/grin.gifsmilies/grin.gifsmilies/grin.gif

I'll leave the pompoms at home next time, i don't want to distract any other riders! lol

September 09, 2010

Manny said:

Wish my hit rate over the logs were that good
September 09, 2010

Rich T said:

LOL.... the difference being i am Mr steady and prob takes as long for me to get over logs as it would going the longer root.
September 10, 2010

richg said:

Nice blog RichT.

Wish I could remember in that much detail what happened.

September 19, 2010

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