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RAF Ardua 2010
Written by Richard Troth   
Sunday, 22 August 2010

Slab CommonWell I arrived at Slab Common with Erika with the sole intention to photograph for teamsnapper photography as I had sold my bike and still awaiting delivery of the Husaberg, and I had been laid up for one week with an E. Coli urine infection that knocked me for six.

However Chris Stainger whom I sold the Husky too decided he was going to ride his KTM as he was not used to the Husky yet, he had bought with him both bikes and bent my arm (Yeah right) and told me to take the Husky out, as I was already pre entered and had the riding kit in the van. Chris had also had the suspension done through Kiwi and fitted mousses front and rear; it would be nice to see if I could notice any difference.

I being so new to this off road world had never done a time card event so I had lots of help from Chris, Rich Gunner and Shane Babey, it all happened so quickly that I hadn't had breakfast or any fluids and considering my urine infection I was hardly prepared and to make matters worse I had never ridden at Slab Common or in sand before lol.

Anyway off I went and straight into the special test which I will probably hold claim to being the slowest but it was fun and did this test on the first two laps, the course itself including the test was 5.1 miles long and as sportsman I was scheduled for 6 laps. The first three laps were pretty smooth and I managed the schedules quite easily but on lap 4 I had to up the tempo and came off on one of the longish sand straights, bending the handlebars and filling the helmet full of sand. Another rider (#91) stopped and helped me and I soon got going again but fell off another 3 times, that lap was starting to fatigue me but managed to make the time exactly on my minute.

So it was straight out on lap 5 and I did struggle and kept wandering all over the show just over trying, making error after error and dropped the bike 3 more times. My concentration was nonexistent, unbelievably I made the time again on the exact minute so straight out again. I was about mile into my last lap when I hit a physical/mental wall and to be honest I felt quite delirious and disorientated. I had wandered way off track until a marshal found me and guided me back to the pits/paddock were I retired.

I really wanted to finish the last lap but I can honestly say hand on heart I gave it my all and could but could not carry on any further. Once I had seen the paramedics and got some fluid and food in me I felt ok, so lesson learnt I think, be better prepared. I'm aching quite a bit today but hell did I enjoy the event and from what other guys have said it was not to dry or too wet and that the course was one of best ever at Slab, am still smiling now.

Big thanks to Chris Stainger on lending me my old bike and although I am a novice I did notice the difference in suspension as the bike ran great...oh and sorry about the bars Chris! I owe you big time as I had great day, thanks also to Rich Gunner and Shane Babey.

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Manny said:

Good write now have doubled the amount of hours on that husky and it ain't even yours no more smilies/wink.gifsmilies/grin.gif smilies/cool.gif

What did you think of the time card format?
August 22, 2010

Rich T said:

To be honest i loved the time card format and even though novice i liked the idea of pushing oneself instead of getting more into a rhythm with the Hare and Hounds.
I found the Husky easier to ride but not sure whether it was the reworked suspension or running mousses but ironically i enjoyed the Husky more than i did than when i owned it smilies/cry.gif
August 22, 2010

Pepperami said:

Excellent! I want to try a time card enduro when I get my next bike. Fairplay to you.
September 08, 2010

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