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Ashdown Farm Blewbury 12-03-2011
Written by Richard Troth   
Sunday, 13 March 2011

Rich at BlewburyNot many events are run on a Saturday but South Reading MCC run most of their enduros from Ashdown Park Blewbury near Oxford and are always held on Saturdays which is a nice change as you can recover on the Sunday and sort out bike etc.

Anyway i was Erikaless which also meant Teamsnapperless as she was doing a green lane day along with her best friend Rachel organised by EPM which is a girl only enduro/green lane training club, i am sure she will blog on here later and tell you all about it, anyway not having my organiser and better half helping me and not a camera in sight i arrived nice and early (theres a surprise lol), parked next to Dan Brundell and had good chat and then the masses started to arrive, notably Shane Babey and his motley crew in their nice new van(what recession), Neil Houghton, Darren Giggs, Keith Workman, Rob Taylor, James Giiddings, Terry Carter and Tim Harvey (Ex touring car champion and current Porsche Super cup driver), signing on and scrutineering is a doddle with SRMCC as all very simplistic, was also good to see Peter Lawry who was clerk of the course and also top rider Rich Warner who was there helping out and told me he has retired from enduros for the foreseeable future but will still do his twin shock MX racing which he is also a dab hand.

My objective was to finish an event which i have not managed this year as i just seem to fall off so much i get very despondent, which makes Erika’s life happier as i retire after a couple of laps and get camera out and put my Teamsnapper head on which i also enjoy so very much.

I course was nearly 6 miles and started off down a whoopy long dropping field which then turned into a 6th gear flat out climbing flat field (was very fast), then a sharp left into a dense single track wood which was very rutty and whoopy in places it also had a couple of climbs and drops which caught alot of riders out, it then opened out into a meadow that had some massive badger holes which were blind until you were on top of them and for first couple of laps there were a few over the handle bar moments as very quick meadow, that went into a very loose flinty climb and across another flint field which again was top gear flat out and then stamping on the brakes to another tight wooded section which was not as dense but strewn with leaves, roots and many logs and needed a lot on concentration.

We then came out into Ashdown Farms main yard and access road which again was very fast, this then dropped down into a very tight small rooty tricky section which opened out into the famous Ashdown MX circuit (Bottom section)which has massive (Scary) climbs and drops and very much heart in the mouth stuff, then climbed into some very tricky woods and onto the top MX circuit which although dry it was very slippery and saw many riders come off and the ground was very hard indeed. The last bit of this superb course was a winding fast trail like ride through the trees into a small meadow and back to timing pads, it really was a course that had everything and a very well thought out.

I myself went the wrong way on the first lap where i lost a lot of time and then held up Tim Harvey through some tight woods (Sorry Tim). Eventually i got into a rhythm and started to enjoy, had a couple of very silly off’s during the first 2 hours which didn’t affect me however at 2 hours 15 mins i tried to be clever and overtake a slower rider, going down a climb and i went straight over the edge, over the bars and head butted tree which definitely dazed me as very confused for a while, the bike cartwheeled a few times.

When i eventually got myself together, i was in a ravine where no one could see me, it took all my energy and strength to get bike up and back up the ravine and i can honestly say i have not been so knackered since my Royal Marine training days, i was totally spent and had lost all my mojo and rhythm and thought i will call it a day. I was about 4 miles from start and i must have fallen off countless times over those 4 miles, i was that spent! As i came into pit area Shane Babeys motley crew (Having retired) were waving me on with bucket loads of encouragement which was enough to spur me on till the end but the last 2 laps were very hard as no rhythm and so very knackered..... but i finished and although my Midwest FE390 Husaberg is a bit worse for wear and i can barely move today i had a great time and still smiling.

Would also like to mention and thank all the riders who are wearing their Teamsnapper hoodies and beanies and Teamsnapper decals all over their bikes at various events.


Rich T (Teamsnapper)

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Manny said:

Know what you mean by getting despondent after falling off a few times, I avoid it by going slower smilies/cry.gif
March 13, 2011

snapper girl said:

So very very proud of you Rich, 4th in your class and 29th overall, way to go you...........Glad i was missed though even if it was only for my organising you skills and the camera :-). Green laning is not the same without your constant encouragement and help getting out of puddles that my bike seems to love so much
March 14, 2011

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